May 18

Sunny’s Diner Episode 27: Where am I?

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Sometimes its fun to take a look back at what you were like a year ago and say, “Man. My hair was awesome.” Well, maybe that’s not quite as applicable here, but we sure had a lot of fun with the doggy bag about what we thought a year ago when prediciting where the game would be now. That’s a tough sentence to write.

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4 Responses

  1. Targeter says:

    Good show this week! My server (Shien) is going through the population doldrums. I hope they institute transfers soon … either off Shien or onto it!

  2. Saj says:

    Sunny, I have the same issues as you when it comes to alts.

    I main a valor 60 sentinel with a lvl 30 sage alt. When I’m bored from sitting in the Warzone queue, I feel like I should be playing my sage but when I get on, I start to freak out because I feel like I am wasting time not progressing my main.

    Eventually, the whole issue of switching back and forth between the two characters wears on me and I have to go play another game (in this case Diablo 3) which makes the whole situation even worse.

  3. Jedguy says:

    Hey guys, the game is 6 months old, dec-20-2011. And about the numbers, does not matter if there are 1,200,000 subs or 9,000,000,000 “zillion”, when I am the only one at the Feet. Good show, keep it up guys!

  4. Sunny Ravencourt says:

    Jedguy, I’ll assume you meant “fleet” instead of “feet”. 🙂

    What a week for TOR eh? Man, that hammer came down hard and fast. I guess we’ll have to see what 1.3 and server merges mean.

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