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MER Episode 78: Casting Call

Zach and Evan take a break from news and pontification, and are joined by JD and Sunny to have some fun. A long time ago, Zach and Brooks had an episode in which our heroes re-casted the entire Star Wars saga. It was another one of those episodes that had listeners yelling at their iPods about how right or wrong they were, but it was all in good fun. On this episode, our panel casts the major, minor, and cameo roles for a what-if Old Republic movie! They also share their long-overdue thoughts on this year’s SWTOR-MER character tournament!

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Discussion Topics
– Companion Madness Aftermath
– SWTOR Hollywood Casting Call

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz.

22 replies on “MER Episode 78: Casting Call”

Lets be fair. There is nothing to talk about with the game. Its dead. I still tell people to play it, level a character to 50 and unsubscribe. Its done. There is nothing even remotely fun to do after you ding 50. PVP? ummmm no! The only thing fun is listening to BW hold a carrott in front of us, and then pulling it away the day of patches. Rinse and Repeat lol. Hey but as soon as Ranked WZs come out (soon lol) maybe there will be a reason to log on. But thats one of the carrotts so dont count on it.

PS.- I really do enjoy the show though guys. Not yall’s fault the game shouldve been KOTOR3 and not an MMO so EA/BW could take suckers (mine) money.

Dead? Really? After getting one character to level 50? Clearly you need more grinding in your game and less story. Getting every class through at least their core story and playing every flashpoint at least once is the BARE MINIMUM to get the best casual experience out of this game.

The game isn’t dead, it’s still a baby. It has more content than most Western based MMOs at launch. Some people are just spoiled by other MMOs that have been out for years and have twice as much grinding and four times as much end game content for new players. Every new MMO goes through this dip at the beginning because the generation of MMO players have become seasoned to the point of grinding becoming nothing more than another habit like watching TV or listening to music.

The game isn’t even a year old and you’re thinking it’s in need of a grave, and I have to say, I strongly disagree. Being an animation and game design student, this game is far from dead. Even if you shave off the fluff EA included in it’s last membership numbers, 1 million subscribers is still an immensely successful PTP MMORPG.

While you’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that entitlement, I strongly disagree with it and I think you’re probably not the player base this cinematic and story driven game is aimed at.

I appreciate your opinion.
I shouldnt have used the word dead, youre right. But lets be honest even if it is 1million, you have to divide that by how many servers?
It does have a ton of content and I love that about it, you are correct. I guess my main gripe is how ridiculiously quick you can get to 50. I feel like I missed out on alot of that great content. I will say this though, I play a BH and I finally made an alt (smuggler), and the gameplay did change up alot, so props to them for that.
But what Im trying to say by dead is, that once you hit lvl 50….than what? I think the WZ are fun dont get me wrong, but after 384723482384 times, it gets old. I love the game and Im not going to unsubscribe, but I will be wondering when there will be something to do other than run the same “fetch this,kill that” quest.
I know SWG and this are apples and oranges so my next point is sorta out there but, what made that game great was the community. In this you literally dont have to interact with anyone to lvl to 50 and 100 in valor. If you have player cities or guild housing, the guilds will exist on a plain other than a chat window. Thats the stuff that makes you log on everyday, not round 43843 of huttball.
Again I respect your opinion though, and am thoroughly impressed you didnt personally attack me over the internet like most clowns 🙂

Sorry, one more thing. Am I the only one thoroughly disappointed in Legacy. I mean, a family tree that does nothing (might as well write it on a piece of paper and keep it next to you when you play), waaaaaay too expensive “perks”. And the fore-mentioned “perks”. Patch 1.2 was supposed to be ranked WZs, UI customization, and Legacy. Instead we got no ranked WZs, UI scalling and movement, and one hour off fleet pass time for 1trillion credits. Oh and War Hero gear that you dont have to be a War Hero to wear. I will say if you play on Fatman during peak hours, there is some new PVE content. Dont expect to see it if your not in the top 1/3 of populated servers though.

My Colonel Malcolm pick has to be and im so surprised you guys missed it — Jason Momoa he played in stargate atlantis and is Conan in the Conan the barbarian reboot.

My Bastilla Pick is definitely Angelina Jolie

For the Grand Moff i would say the evil guy from the newest lost in space

I would pick the main character from hunger games Jennifer Lawrence for the shay visla

Khem Val should be Ron Pearlman

hey guys. Please please please play some operation content. just do EV on story mode or something. I feel like this is a massive part of the game that you guys haven’t covered – the endgame content has some really great elements to it, and I think giving this a go will improve your enjoyment of the game, but also add a new discussion point for the podcast.

Absolutely BORING show, if you cannot come up with any idea, don’t do a show.

Revan was ASIAN, fellas. And Bastila was British. Which is why Satele looks American Asian.

So, at the risk of sounding at all racist, please cast accordingly.

Thanks for the show, great listening to the banter! The Black Hole was an awesome film btw – the bit at the end when the evil robots visor dims out….totally freaked me out as a kid.

Your podcasts are getting worse and worse by every episode, do you play the game at all, there is always a a good couple of things to discuss. You don’t have to make hours long shows, just make it meaningful.

In the midst of everything that could be considered bad news, we wanted to do a show that was nothing but fun. If you’ve listened to some of the episodes from way back, you’ll remember that Brooks and Zach did several just-for-fun shows, which we hadn’t done for awhile. We thought we were overdue for a fun one. Sorry you didn’t like it, but it looks like a lot of other people did.

Criticism is more helpful if you have suggestions. We certainly don’t disregard helpful ideas. Ossus got a very long, very critical email, but that spurred us to make the show better. Please feel free to email us some of your thoughts. Thanks.

Will there be a new MER podcast soon? It’s almost been a full month since episode 78. 🙁

Short answer: YES!
Long answer: We’ve been making plans on revamping not only the site, but also the main podcast for a couple months. On our twitter feed, we just announced that there would be a lot of changes coming to MER in the very near future. Just ironing out some issues, getting everything lined up, and then before you know it, you’ll be bombarded by more MER content. We did have a little hiccup in the planning which set us back a little, but you’ll be hearing us again soon.