Ossus Academy Session 9

Session 9

If you thought Session 8 was an ear-full, you have more on the way! In Session 9, Leo and Evan put the finishing touches on the essential Star Wars reading list, take a look at the three epic storylines that have been at the forefront of the books since 1999, and they also get to answer lots of questions from the class. Do the guys like to talk? Yeah, but remember, you asked for this!

Please do take the time after you’re done listening to come visit them over at the MER forums, the home for the Mos Eisley Radio Community!

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6 replies on “Ossus Academy Session 9”

Great show, as to be expected. Time really flies when you discuss something you’re really passionate about, doesn’t it? But you know what -they- say about Passion…

WARNING: Some minor spoilers ahead. Regarding Centerpoint Station, I think it is strongly implied that the Celestials or some equally ancient and powerful species built it. I don’t think any of the books link the station to the Rakata. Wiki mentions the Son and Daughter from the Clone Wars cartoon series as overseeing the construction with the help of the Killiks, which I sort of remember being mentioned in the Apocalypse novel. I tried reading a couple of the NJO books, but they never captured my imagination and made me want to read the entire series. I do feel fortunate that one of the NJO books I read was Traitor. That book is one of my favorite SW books. To me, it is a very philosophical book and explores the nature of morality in a beyond good and evil way. I remember some interesting discussions between Jason and Vergere. I tend to think Jason’s fall started in that book with his torture and Vergere discussions. Then Jason goes on a kind of five year pilgrimage/healing/quest to learn obscure Force techniques from other Force users and has his vision about the dark man on the throne (Darth Krayt (?),the tattooed Sith that helps battle Abeloth in Apocalypse ?) and his daughter. Then Lumiya encourages/convinces Jason to go the rest of the way. I was surprised that you both like Karen Traviss’ books. Personally, I think she writes good books and is at her best when writing about commandos and Mandos due to her interviews with British Special Forces that she incorporates into her novels. Many SW fans seems to stridently dislike Traviss due to some of her anti-Jedi comments in interviews and feel her anti-Jedi views bias her books against the Jedi. I can kind of see their point and the evidence of it in her books, but it is a minor concern to me.

Well, I think I’ve made my general attitude towards Jedi-central stories pretty clear. 😛 I always tend to enjoy stories without Force-users much better, hence my love of the X-Wing books.

Do you guys think you could talk about the Yuuzhan Vong organic ships in the next episode a bit? The fact they have planet sized ships seems really over whelming and I’m surprised you don’t hear about them more in the circles of Star Wars fans.

(Although I think the race in general sounds pretty interesting, I’ve got a weapons and technology Star Wars source book that talks about their living armor and weapons and how they can resist the force and light sabres too.)

We’ll be focusing more on ships from the Old Republic era next time, but we may be able fit some discussion regarding YV ships in. Personally I find their defensive mechanisms (dovin basals) utterly fascinating.

Great job, I think Lucas should send you all to the ranch for filling people in on these stories. I read a lot of these and somehow missed a lot as well. Feels like about 3 years of reading if you tried to read them all.

Think the P-cast on ships is a great idea since they almost have a spirit of their own in most of the stories. I use to fly a YT2400 back in my day, loved that ship. 😀

Thanks guys, keep them coming.