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MER Episode 77: The Numbers Games

Now that we’re past that most “wonderful” part of the school year, the crew is back and ready to give their two credits on the hottest topics. Of course, the biggest news right now is the population drop. Does it matter? What does it mean for the future? Will some servers be sacrificed?! This episode gets really deep really quickly, but there’s always fun to be had when team MER gets back together!

Come join the show hosts along with the rest of the Mos Eisley Radio community over at the forums, let your voice be heard, and find new people to play with in one of our official guilds!

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Discussion Topics
– Stories: It’s Been A While!
– News: The Great Population Crisis of 2012
– Community: Discussion In Committee

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15 replies on “MER Episode 77: The Numbers Games”

1st. point, server transfers: I hope they put in a way for guilds to sell their bank tabs back so when or if a guild does move they can buy them again with out feeling so over extended. It might also help guilds say, well we will not be missing much so lets do it and make the move. I could live with anything else I think, paid, free, legacy, etc. Long as we get to choose this time.

2nd point, paying to open up legacy features! So glad I am not the only one who would pay real life moneys to open up some of these legacy options. I took some heavy flames on their forums about this very thing. It be a great way for bioware to raise moneys with out giving away items or gear that would give you an advantage in pvp/pve combat. Like you said, its a skin. Not sure why people get so up in arms about it. I would rather have someone stay in this game because they are playing what they wanna play and not what they go stuck with.

Great show, catch you next time..

I will be laughing for the rest of the day thinking about Allen going to the guild bank and it not being there and the steam blowing out of his ears,, classic stuff. lol

To be fair Allen hasnt played too much endgame PvP, his tone will change quick once he sees how swtor has failed with stat based PvP and making gear so OP. Enjoy getting blow up til you GRIND out gear. Post 50 pvp is fun, but its fail much like every un unique thing at endgame.

SWTOR brought story to questing but very little else uniquness to the genre. We dont want more warcraft endgame already. No more GEAR GRINDING HAMPSTER WHEELS

Just responding to your comment thatno LFG tool didn;t really have an impact on people leaving. I know its why I left. The primary reason wow succeeded was it improved on all the functionality that came before in games like EQ, UO and Asheron’s Call. Once the LFG tool matured in wow and all of a sudden you had back hours of your valuable time there was just no going back to the massive amount of time it takes to put groups together especially when groups fall apart and u get a replacement right from the queue. There is simply no currency that can compensate you for the huge amount a time you save in a mmo with a good lfg tool.

I think no LFG was the single largest contributer the recent mass exodus but other things like the poor auction house interface, lack of end game contents, zero modding, and a few others really really hurt them. Blizzard is essentially turning D3 into a large auction house tool, there is a huge population that just loves playing the economy and swtor AH tool is just so sad. The lack of modding means we can’t even fix the major problems staring us in the face, stuff like the AH and UI could have been fixed already by the community. This is a PC game and one of the chief benefits is being able to customize your UI to your own taste and just removing that hurt them alot.

Again WoW even at launch improved alot of things we just take for granted that were missing in older mmo’s. Like people forget a ninja in the older mmo’s was a person who followed you around and stole your loot from dropped mobs because it wasnt locked to them, wow fixed that and many other things that were problems in prior mmo’s, and introduced alot of other great new things never seen before. Swtor isn’t a wow clone and in a bad way. They didn;t come along and say hey lets steal all the great things WoW did (over its lifespan), auction house, LFG, PvP queing, modding, etc and make them BETTER than they were in WoW and add a whole bunch of cool new stuff. Also maybe lets steal the entire sidekick system from City of Heroes (which every mmo should copy).

I am not a troll. I have not read any other comments. This is only my 2nd or 3rd time listening to this podcast. I will listen to a few more and continue listening hopefully…
BUT… The negative attitude towards the game in this episode made it almost unlistenable. I have no problems with critiques and discussions on problems with the game, but the way this episode came off you should just close up shop and call it a show. If you don’t love it, warts and all, don’t do a podcast. There’s dozens of other ToR shows that don’t make me feel like an idiot for still loving the game. And like I said, I will keep listening, this is just a gut reaction I had to this particular episode. Hope to hear the love in the next ep…

I play, and after my story is done… i am left wondering. The game needs something to tie everyone together. Who is the villan?…Malgus? Sateele? I can’t even tell you the end bosses name. I can’t even tell you name of any of the operation bosses. I should know these without reading tons of lore. I’d hate to use WOW as and example but I never ready any lore there and I know …Illidan, the Litch King, Ragnaros…etc.

The game has great character story… but seems to seriously lack overall story, and this leaves me feeling a lack of purpose. Maybe I just need to read some lore… but with all the storytelling going on.. I don’t think I should have to.

still loving the game and really hope Bioware can come up with some solution to either consolidate low pop servers or dazzle enough people to come back and play. Good show guys and see ya in game.

Something I realized during the free week in April caught be by surprise.

Quick background, left the game in Jan, not beacuse I didn’t like it, but beacuse bugs/missing features were impacting gameplay (Something like 5 bugs in my final Chapter 2 mission pushed me over the edge). Intended to come back at some point once bugs were fixed and some of the big features were present (LFG being the primary one).

I hadn’t planned on playing in April, but the free week was there so why not. Here’s what I realized…

The story becomes a barrier to entry when getting back into the game. The summary screen gives you the overview but you loose part of the attachment/investment to it.

Combat is annoying post 40. It seems way too balanced on the slog side (Rather than mechanical difficulty). The joy of dropping a mortar volley into a group and watching them be utterly destoryed is gone. It all just takes a little bit longer than it did, something I became gradually accustomed to in my first playthrough. As a healer this may be amplified for me, but the idea of fighting my way out of a quest tunnel was so unappealing, I just got killed to do the quick exit.

Travel is annoying. Its the same feeling I got when playing WoW and the prospect of taking one of the inter-continential ships came up. I just tried to avoid it. I found the same feeling was there in SWTOR. Rather than travel I would just log onto an alt.

In the end I played from 9AM-1PM on Saturday or Sunday (I forget which), and didn’t log on the rest of the week. I’m still keeping an eye on it/the community, but at this point I don’t know that I will come back, save for an expansion that brings some new mechanic.

Good show. I agree with the sentiment that players are leaving due to the general mmorpg burn out. Personally that’s the feeling for me. I’m just tired of the level grind and gear treadmill. The stories are great I enjoy those. But this constant level to get gear to raid to get gear style has to change. I like playing mmos, but I think all my years in WoW just made me not want that grind. It sucks that the mmo model seems to have to be this way.

The argument about lack of endgame content is very subjective. I mean games now are consumed as fast as they’re released. Players get in, get to the top, and because they consume that content in days. They’ll be the ones saying the game has nothing to offer. I think players who have a maxed character in one mmo, try a new one, with the same goal in mind.
I think players who say “lack of content” would complain the same if content was added monthly or weekly.

I just want to play when I can. group up when I want and, play to enjoy the game. Not play with the method of beating the current content to be ready to tackle the newest content when it’s released.
I probably rambled there. If I quit TOR it’ll be because of my lost interest in mmos in general then not liking the game. Plus if I don’t play for weeks on end. I don’t want to pay for that time.

The problem is, there is no interdepence on other players. You can do this whole game, minus FP and OPS, completely solo dolo. Im not saying SWG is a better game so dont get me wrong, but you couldnt play that game for 2 minutes without going to a cantina and getting buffed by other players, the best gear was crafted, you had to run a group. What are the cantinas here? Populated by NPCs. There is no “cities” in this game. The fleet thats it one city.

I posed this question to Sunny, but I’ll ask you guys too.

What do you think of merging servers rather than server transfers? That way you keep your guild banks, and guilds, as well as allowing for a more precise adjustment of server populations.

The only people I can see complaining are folks that specifically want to be on a lower population server.

Hi all,

I have to agree with the poster who commented on the negativity of this episode. I’ve recently listened to every episode since game launch, with just today listening to this episode and the one before with Erickson, which was a *great* episode.

How could this podcast go from truly entertaining, truly information, scoring the “good get” and delivering a balanced and probing interview, to downtime followed by a QQ session punctuated by “Nevermind, I play League of Legends now. It’s better.”

I share Alan’s thinly veiled frustration. This podcast was my antitote to the whiny stuff on the forums. And now Zack goes full-on “I’d rather be playing LoL” and by the way, listen to that podcast instead.

Again, I don’t know how I personally could have sounded more positive with my snarky remarks to the complainers who say there’s nothing to do anymore. About how I wish I had that kind of time that a game this great and this big has “nothing left.”

And no, Mass Effect 3 has not been getting played any more than SWTOR has. In fact, since I only had ONE show to do this week, I finally had time to play, but then I will be gone this weekend.

That’s why I’M not happy; cause other crap gets in the way.