Ossus Academy Session 8 Part 1

Session 8

It’s time for another long lesson, folks. After many requests, Leo and Evan have collaborated to bring you their own personal complete reading list. This is their take on what Star Wars books you should spend your time and money reading, so if you hear books you might not expect and don’t hear some you thought should be on there, it’s just two guys’ opinions. We like to think they’re pretty, good, though.

The recording came out much longer than anticipated, so you can expect part two of the lesson to arrive in just one week’s time! As always, thanks for listening!

Music for this episode comes from selections of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Original Soundtrack. These are just some of the free tracks BioWare made available on Facebook. Big thank you to them and the whole musical team over there!

After you’re done yelling at the your iPod because you disagree so whole-heartedly with our evaluations of these books, head on over to the forums and tell us what you think should have been on there!

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11 replies on “Ossus Academy Session 8 Part 1”

You guys are making me read to much. Thanks for all this info, some of these I never knew about at all.

(Star Wars® The Old Republic: Decieved) & (Star Wars® The Old Republic: Revan)
Both books you left off the list. I only bring them to people attention because of the game. Give these a listen as you quest your alts, the first was ok right up till the end then I was sitting there like,, WHAT!!!! The 2nd was just an out standing story that tied into the game so well it was made the game that much better for me..

Question, Have you ever heard of a book called Han Solos Revenge? I read it as a child for a school book report, but have not been able to find it on any book list, can you all give a look see??

You must’ve missed it, but we did mention both Deceived AND Revan. You can hear our discussion on those books starting around the 25 minute mark. And Han Solo’s Revenge is the second book in Brian Daley’s trilogy of books about Han Solo. We briefly mention this trilogy while discussing A.C. Crispin’s more recent Han Solo trilogy.

I forgot to also mention that Brian Daley’s trilogy is usually published as one large volume called The Han Solo Adventures.

Funny, I came back to listen to it again and was thinking I should have waited to comment fearing this very thing. Thanks for the info on The Han Solo Adventures, I will try to pick it up. That is prob why I could not find it, when I was a kid it was its own book. Shows how old I am I guess.

Well, hope someone uses the links at least. Thanks much for the brain food. 😀

Thank you for the comments! No worries for missing something. You can hear that WE forgot a few and added them back in as we went.

Also, we didn’t go over Deceived or Revan that much because so much time was dedicated to them in past episodes of MER, in which the crew takes the whole ep to break them down.

Thanks for the understanding and not just making me feel like a was playing baseball with a football and thanks for taking the time out to comment back guys.

I enjoyed the podcast (as always), but I feel compelled to disagree with some of your picks and omissions. It sounds like the criteria for your picks had to do with “Is it worth your time?” (which I take to mean mainly is it a good read) and the importance from a lore perspective. I haven’t read the Knight Errant comics at all, but I did try to read the Knight Errant novel, which I found very underwhelming. It is the only Star Wars book I started but never finished (could only get through a 1/3 of it). It’s been awhile since I read it, but I found the main character to be an uninspiring Jedi, the two main Sith Lords to be two-dimensional villains, and the plot overall to be a yawn.

It’s been even longer since I read Labyrinth of Evil, but I remember disliking that book. I think Anakin’s character annoyed me a lot (he usually does), and the plot was ho hum, but I do recognize from a lore perspective that the book is important because chronologically it predates Episode III.

I think the Bane trilogy deserves gushing the way you talk about loving the Thrawn books.

I was very surprised that you ultimately decided to omit the Darth Plagueis novel. I listened to this one on audio CD rather than read it, so perhaps I had a different experience, but I think this book is very much worth people’s time. Granted, the plot is just decent, and the character development is only good, but from a lore perspective it is VERY important. Heck, you get to learn about the origin of Darth Maul and whether or not Anakin was created by a Sith Lord!

To be honest, I have read hardly any of Knight Errant comics and none of the novel. Only Evan has. I think we were just going on the assumption that I’ve really liked most of everything else that JJM has done. Much like neither of us has read Choices of One yet, but it made the list because Zahn is awesome. Maybe once I read it I’ll agree with you.

I think that the answer to the question of Anakin’s birth is the only significant lore item in Plagueis. But even that was written in such an understated and boring manner, which is typical of Luceno, IMO.

And Maul’s orgin of “Some lady handed him to me…” has to be the dumbest thing ever…

“And Maul’s orgin of “Some lady handed him to me…” has to be the dumbest thing ever…”

LOL! Yeah, hard to disagree with that. 🙂

I’m with you on the Darth Bane trilogy. The main reason I never finished it was because I read books one and two when they were both in paperback and book three had just hit hardcover, so I was left waiting to finish my set in paperback, then by the time it got there… I was reading other books.

Not a good excuse, I know, but that’s what happened. I demolished those two, though. I think I bought Path on a Saturday and then Rule the following Saturday.

Hi guys, when are you going to get these podcasts back on line?? ive just started reading the books and I need your guidance full of wisdom on how to attack this mass of expanded universe literature!! LOL. Seriously I would love to hear these reading lists.