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MER Episode 73: Guild Summit Recap

Welcome to another episode of MER and we have quite the special one for you this week. Alan joins us fresh off his trip from Austin where he attended the most recent Bioware Guild Summit. We are also once again joined by friend of the show JD as we recap on all the latest information and speculate on where the game might be going next. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Feel free to head over to our forums to talk about anything we might have discussed (or forgot to bring-up) on the show.

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Discussion Topics
– Guild Summit
– Where are all the SWTOR players going?

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz.

3 replies on “MER Episode 73: Guild Summit Recap”

Have you guys seen this?

I’m not surprised, Veela has started feeling a bit empty.

I just rolled a toon on Ajunta Pall and there were 40 people on Hutta, where as Veela there were two on Ord Mantell.

No character transfers until late April? No hint of server merging? Very disheartening to think I have to abandon my valor rank 67 Vanguard in full battlemaster in search of a better playing experience.

Did they ever cover if they will have an armory? BTW back off lacrosse. It is a great team sport.

OMG…where’s the new MER?

On topic:

That chart is amazing. Funny thing this last weekend I just re-rolled on the swiftsure after realizing how bad cho mai was. It scares me to think what will happen to the low pop servers once there are 3 lvl 50 brackets (regular, individual rated, and group rated.) On a server like Cho Mai with less that 80 50’s on at prime time the queues will take forever. I imagine a situation where you’ll have only 1 8 man queuing, 12 people queuing for indiv rated, and 8 queuing for regular warzones, only to have everyone sitting there indefinitely.

So long to my near battlemaster sorc, hello to my lvl 20 vanguard. Hopefully I’ll be able to move my sorc at some point.

And also as far as the empire feeling more interesting. I disagree, my vanguard story and Corruscant questing were all pretty entertaining.

I also don’t miss all my spells being purple on my sorc. I may have to roll a sage at some point.