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MER Episode 72: PvP Madness

Do you like SWTOR? Do you like PVP? Do you like Sunny’s Diner and Darth Hater? If you said yes to any combination of the three you will enjoy this episode. Sunny of Sunny’s Diner and Justin of Darth Hater join us in this episode as we discuss what we love and loath of the PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We talk about what we want out of world PvP and Illum. We also discuss the current state of warzones and where ranked PvP needs to go.

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Discussion Topics
– World PvP
– Warzone Pvp

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5 replies on “MER Episode 72: PvP Madness”

Yay pvpodcast!

MERC is always welcome to join the Brotherhood on our nightly Ilum raids at 8. Come on out and help us push the empire back!

There was a planet called rori on Star Wars Galaxies on that planet there was an area called restuss that was open PVP. Having fun there was soely based on both factions being present. There were also a few bases on different planets that you just go to and take over on occasion there ae many people from the other factions guarding the place to get the comms/gcw (galactic civil war) points. There were also npc’s here that refelcted who had control over the area. If the imps had control there would be imps everywhere, and vice versa. There was also the hourly npc raid. There would be at least 100 npcs from each faction going in and defending the city. This giving players something to do by helping thier faction. There were also objectives in the city that would affect the conrol over the city, and a few that didn’t. You would be in the city so long and then all of a sudden getting rolledover by a group of ppl from the other faction lol.

I would say they need to add daily/repeatable quests to give the incentive to go to the pvp areas like restuss in swg. But not just one, it should be multiple with various differnt objectives. Giving a reason not only to go there but to stay there for a given period of time. This would be epic.

Planning an event in the sandbox shouldn’t be too hard, and if you are truely worried about people showing up to “ruin” the fun plan for it happening. If you know that it will happen, then make sure everyone knows that. There has to be a way to get around it or include it into the event like a surprise attack or something. The imagination is limitless. You can also go around to various non pvp paces in the galaxy and have an event. Be it in an area with non combatant npc’s, or in a heroic area with mobs roaming the place.

There are plenty of people that know what they are doing before they hit 50, Hutt ball is amazing on my server there are people even at low level that have amazing skill. I am annoyed by the people that are only in Hutt Ball to get kills and ignore the game on its own. Alderaan is on the other hand the perfect place to get the kills, and still keep the objective. One mistake and you have to get back in there and make adjustments. Void star is the most pointless warzone that I have ever seen. Yeah you get the kills and all but the objectives are so lame and hard to stop it gets boring.

I cant wait to see the changes that are being made to pvp with 1.2.

This is in regards to your question about pushing waves and having to destroy something in the other group’s base:

PWI(Perfect World International) has a “Territory War” system where certain parts of the world map can be owned by guilds. When the map is completely fresh, each guild bids in-game currency for the ability to attack the map area. They then go into an instance and they have to kill x number of mobs and then a boss in the NPC-controlled base.

Once a guild owns that area, other guilds bid to attack that territory to take control of it. In this version, it’s now PvP. You have two bases. An Attacker base and a Defender base. Both bases have a “Crystal.” The attacker has 2-3 hours to destroy the defender’s crystal to take over the territory. The defender can set up turret towers in various areas of the map. Both groups have the option to pull catapults to help speed up turret tower/crystal destruction. The defenders also have the option of just sitting there and defending the full 2-3 hours or they can push themselves and if they destroy the attacker’s crystal, the match ends and they continue to own that territory. If the attacker destroy’s the defender’s crystal, now they own that territory.

When a guild owns a territory, before PWI nerfed it(last I checked they may have reverted back), the guild would receive x-number of in-game currency per territory. This can be used to buy upgraded towers for the next week’s war. Most of the successful guilds will also distribute a certain % of that money to the individuals that participated in the war to help with hefty repair builds and to purchase pots and “charms” for the next week’s war.

I know that Ilum has “control points” throughout the planet and that it leads to more valor, but to me, it doesn’t feel like a full-blown war.

I’d love to see guild-based things like what PWI. Republic guilds can bid against other republic guilds to attack an empire-controlled territory (or the other way around). When a guild owns a territory there are perks that that guild receives for as long as they hold that territory. Or even faction-based wars would be fine with me too.

300 people showing up would be awesome… how much fun would that be!? … I don’t get it… How does it ruin your “event”? You’re guild adjusts, group up in a raid and proceeds beats the hell out of 300 other players, or get beat up, either way how are you not having fun? hell… I wish that would happen more often or ever…

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