AlanShotFirst :: ep43 :: other games exist?

I am a one game man. I don’t two time my MMOs with other games, genres or hobbies. Perhaps you do because you believe variety is the spice of life! Jump into the convo and let us know what other games you are playing besides SWTOR.

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2 replies on “AlanShotFirst :: ep43 :: other games exist?”

League of Legends – because it’s free.
Guild Wars 2 – although I’m having doubts about that – looks rather GPU intensive.

I would play ME3, but I never finished 1, and I hated 2, so… here’s hoping they give us a special edition trilogy box set.

DotA 2. It has the worst community ever, but it’s a Valve game.

Diablo 3… because it’s Diablo.

That’s about it, can’t think of anything else worth playing besides SWTOR.

I’m not sure how, but I do my best to make room for other games. Even though we were deep into the TOR beta, I managed to play (extensively) Arkham City, Witcher 2, Skyrim, Zelda: Skyward Sword and I’m currently playing Reckoning while I enjoy time with MERC in SW:ToR. Did I mention I have a wife and 3 kids? <=== Don't sleep much…