Sunny’s Diner Prequel 22

Order Up! Let’s hear what you want served up at Sunny’s Diner for Episode 22. Also, congrats to our Very Important Patron winner, Crel! Doesn’t she look great on that speeder?

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My own personal interest to hear is what you both consider more interesting: PvP in warzones or duels in open worlds? I have yet to get into a duel since every jedi I have challenged seems to not be interested in doing so. I know shadowlands is a PvE server, but to actually challenge on another to dueling rather than just attacking one another openly like in warzones interests me. Such are the heart pumping scenes in all Star Wars movies when a sith encounters a jedi or vice versa, and next thing you know sabers and clashing, force powers used, and etc.
Also about the claim I have heard alot on the server in general chat about how some think crafting and other such activities are useless. I for one do not agree with that statement, but I am interested to hear what you both think.
Worthy Adversary,
Lord Serabis Xela’ir’sethi [Cult of Malachor]

So we spent our first week in the Eternity Vault, and what I found was a very tightly designed operation with simple (yet important) raid mechanics. It may have been a tad too easy for some, but I found it to be the perfect difficulty for a new MMO. What have your experiences been with the game’s Operations so far? Good, bad, or indifferent? What say ya’ll?