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MER Episode 70: Gang’s Back Together

At long last, the MER crew has re-assembled and they certainly have a lot to talk about. They start with personal stories from the game, cover some recent tweeks, dissect the BioWare Q&A session from last weekend, and wrap up with a new segment. Also, the crew tackles some interesting listener questions. As always, thank you for all your questions, comments, and suggestions!

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Discussion Topics
– Stories From The Outer Rim
– UI Changes
– Patch 1.2 Q&A Session
– Your Emails!
– New Segment! Beginner Tips: Gear

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz.

11 replies on “MER Episode 70: Gang’s Back Together”

Hey Guys,

FYI, even as an operative on the imp side you get to experience the healing ritual.

It works very well into the story, and i agree.. it was awesome!

Very interesting. I can’t wait to play things from that side one day just to see how it all plays out.

For some reason, I haven’t been experiencing the “Huttball Problem” most players seem to get. Firstly, I enjoy Huttball. It’s fun, and I find myself wishing that I could play more of it more often than not (the least laggy of the warzones). Secondly, I would say Huttball only consists of 40% of all my games. However, this is not to say that the server is any more faction balanced, since I also have a character on the Republic side, and it is significantly less populated than the Empire. I suspect the Republics are just more pvp oriented on Nadd’s Sarcophagus.

Legacy. I believe that the current faction races will become available for the other classes, but I DO NOT BELIEVE that they will be cross faction. It is just too lore-breaking for there to be a sith jedi. A SITH JEDI. Not to mention that the red skin is basically a sign of target marker for bounty hunters in the current timeline. In the same way, a Chiss Jedi would not make sense, nor a miralukan Sith. I hope BW realizes this and that it may lead to a large portion of their RPing subscribers unsubscribing.

Server faction balancing – is impossible. The inherent problem with faction imbalance is not with gameplay options (although there is noticeably lacking in the Republic race choices), nor will it be affected by such in any major way unless BW outright forces players to choose the underpopulated faction. The problem is in fact, the movie franchise. Current and future players choose their gameplay based on their knowledge of Star Wars, which will ultimately come from the movies primarily no matter how many trailers they watch. Darth Vader, Sidious, Maul are the epitome of “cool” for the teens, the kids, even the adults. That is just how it is.

I mean, if anyone saw a Chiss in Republic space, wouldn’t somebody wonder,

“hey, shouldn’t I report to the police, I mean, that guy’s gotta be a spy or something.”

It’s like how America viewed Japanese people during WW2.

I agree with you on this but I do want to point out that some species are already cross faction. Human and Twil’ek (I have no idea if that is how you spell it).

I think more than anything we just feel the empire has some pretty awesome races to choose from while the republic is just “meh”. Hopefully they will give the republic some cool races later on down the road.

You do have to account for the few occasions that a sith (not meaning race here) would be turned to the light side and vise versa. Or what about a possible case of a Sith (race) being raised by someone in the Republic. Being able to cross factin the races would give people like me who love to role play extra material for a great back story. Have you ever thought about the origin of your character beyond what the game tells you? Of course most people who are only in this for pvp might not care but I think its an interesting idea.

Yes they will be targeted by bounty hunters and most likely with bounties placed on them from people of their own faction lol (another vote for player BHing) but imo its awesome.

But the overall Republic population is lower than the Empire population, so there’s always going to be some imbalance.

At worst, all Republic players could move to an underpopulated server, while leaving an entire Empire populated server behind.

I think it should be easy for the devs to track how many there are of each faction. If so then they could easily record this on the server select screen where now you see total population. They could implement two new columns stating the population of each faction on any given server.

And with the defecting to the other side. In SWG if you wanted to “defect” you would have to go out and try to rebalance the reb/imp facton points that you had in order to make it possible. Loving Bioware’s story telling I would love to see them make a series of quests that you would need to take in order to portray your inner struggle until you get to the side you want. I would even take away the option to see the allignment choices all together in those quests. This would give the quest giver the ability to say if you are ready to “defect” or not.

I would like to see that the devs make a practice arena for hutt ball. Because I was thrown into the game recently without knowing what the hell im doing. I would also say giving guilds an instance where they can practice hutt ball together in a pvp type way. Then allow for grouping of 8 players (guild only at first to see if it works) so that you can go in as a team in the warzone.


Anyone who wants to really experience what the Star Wars saga can be at its best…read any of the Old Republic story arc book series’ (primarily the Darth Bane trilogy). The Rule of Two (why there are only two Sith at any one time) is explained. After reading those, you’ll see why having 1000s of Sith is an abomination to the Sith code.

Read a few books, and the films will no longer be your favorite aspect of Star Wars.

Hey guys, listening you from France since the release of the game, great podcast, nice crew !
Keep doing some good work !!!