Ossus Academy Session Two

OA Session 2

This week brought a massive new update to The Old Republic and it was full to the brim with nasty, disgusting Rakghouls! In order to better ensure your survival during this viral outbreak, Leo and Evan return with another lesson in Star Wars lore, this time focusing on the history and various appearances of these Sith-created space zombies. The Ossus professors also tackle some listener questions and give you their first suggested reading list. There may be a pop quiz next episode, so don’t fall asleep during class.

Music for this episode comes from selections of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Original Soundtrack. These are just some of the free tracks BioWare made available on Facebook. Big thank you to them and the whole musical team over there!

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11 replies on “Ossus Academy Session Two”

Knights of the Old Republic Comics – GOOD
Blood of the Empire Comics – GOOD
Threat of Peace Comics – GOOD/OK
Deceived Novel – REALLY GOOD
Fatal Alliance Novel – REALLY SHITTY

The only two I would absolutely recommend are Deceived and Blood of the Empire.

Good jobs guys. love where this show is going as far as teaching newbie about the expanded universe. The only bit of criticism I have is the constant out of the blue reference and author dropping. I don’t think I am the only one to have no idea what is going on, or it could be amazing for those that do get it. I really loved when you hit the background discussion on the Rakghouls. Maybe just dumb it down for us none star wars majors and make it easier for us just taking credits.

I did kind of notice what you meant as I re-listened to it. Would a segment on authors be at all interesting? We scored big with the JJM interview on ep 1, but there are so many authors who’ve written so many titles, if there’s demand, we can fill in more of the author notes.

Greets. I drive trucks for a living and dig a good audio book over the radio. Anyone know the first three I should look for if they even have it in audio?

I would say if you want more actual SWTOR while you’re driving, they do have Fatal Alliance, Deceived, and Revan available as audio books. I know Alan has listened to, at least, Deceived, and I know he enjoyed it. As far as quality of stories, Timothy Zahn’s original trilogy we mentioned has been in audio book format in the past. Those are Heir To The Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command.

If you want high production Star Wars audio dramas, try finding the Original Trilogy Radio Dramas that aired on NPR back in the early 80’s. They are fully casted (though not necessarily by THE actors from the movies) radio versions of the movies.

I enjoy SW lore very much, so your show is right up my alley. Great discussions! I’m listening to the Darth Plagueis novel on audio CD as I commute to work and enjoying it very much. I’m about half way through. I highly recommend it. I play SWTOR on the Republic side. One of the Taris side quests touches on the Promised Land. As a topic idea for a future Ossus Academy, Iā€™d like to hear your thoughts about Force ghosts (light side) and wraiths (dark side).