Sunny’s Diner Razer™ Giveaway

Razer™ Giveaway:
Just because you’re a casual player, doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate hard core gear. To help you casually experience Star Wars: The Old Republic, Razer™ and BioWare are giving four lucky people some brand new Razer™ PC peripherals.

Sunny’s Diner has four items to give away to four lucky listeners:
Razer Anansi™ Keyboard
Razer Mouse Bungee™
Razer Goliathus™ Mousepad (Control Edition)
Razer Naga™ Mouse

There are four ways to win:

Leave us an iTunes review and then email us at notifying us of your review.
Comment on the Razer Contest post on
Leave a comment in the appropriate thread on the Sunny’s Diner branch of the Mos Eisley Radio forums
Tweet the following: @SunnysDiner is giving away sweet Razer gear @moseisleyradio

We’ll announce the winners on our next podcast (to be recorded 1/11, released 1/12). You can enter for all of them, but winners are only eligible for one prize. In the event a winner fails to contact us within one week of winning, a new name will be drawn for that prize.

Good luck and good gaming.

Sunny and Rad
Sunny’s Diner

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96 replies on “Sunny’s Diner Razer™ Giveaway”

Absolutely love Star Wars: The Old Republic have watched it for over 2 years prior to release. And Pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition the day it came out! Played non-stop since then! It is an amazing game with great potential. I can’t wait to see whats in-store for years to come. As far as the Razer gear is conserened I’ve never had the chance to play with any crazy Keyboards only a “somewhat” gaming mouse that is just faster than most mice. So it would be the icing on the cake if I got to add that to my little Christmas with my Collector’s Edition!!!

Glad to see such a strong SWTOR community. Great podcasts, and schwag is always a good thing!

hopefully this is the “appropriate thread on the Sunny’s Diner branch of the Mos Eisley Radio forums” to leave my comment to win! I would love any of those prizes!

Great Pod love it! Swtor is great! Razer is just awesome and Sunny’S Diner is all we need for a great day! 🙂

I’m with Erica in that hopefully this is the “appropriate thread on the Sunny’s Diner branch of the Mos Eisley Radio forums” to leave my comment to win!

Hope this is the right place to leave a comment to enter. I would love some sweet new Razer gear for killing some sith in swtor!

Ha! Shamelessly entering for free gear so I can finally score that Hutball-touchdown. Never heard of you guys; listening to the first podcast as we speak.

i wish more people played swtor that i knew. hopefully this will get them interested 🙂 wtb naga!!!

We are playing this game EVERY DAY! We LOVE it. The changes they made are perfect. Travel is so much better now. We have Collectors Edition. Cruising!

I’m getting a new computer soon, would love some new to go with it! Also, new to the site but loving it so far!

Amazing podcast and swtor is the perfect blend of all the star wars action the fans love mixed with an mmo. Great game bioware

Hey, free stuff? I like free stuff. Which makes sense; I have four characters and they’re all eeeeeevil.

Were you guys on “WoWradio”? because for some reason, I remember some of your voices from somewhere.

Great Podcast 🙂

I absolutely love Starwars ever since i was able to remember and now that im older i keep getting more and more things from the franchise that i love. Your products are absolutely amazing I would love to recieve these items so i can game it up even harder than before. Heres to hoping.

Fantastic podcast guys, not to compare for whose better, but to commend for similarity; Reminds my of Yvvits and Mr B, which brings me back to my SWG days, glorious! Any way I could just win the mouse pad? haha

right on.

Free gear is good. Hope to me! But even without, brought my attention to a site I never heard of, thus creating a fan. Was a fan of TOR befor it was even a dream of a game, when it was ‘Tales of the Jedi” by BHC. Even had Tott_Doneeta as my email name way back then, but few know who that was or could spell it.

For those of you that are new here, the official forums are located under Connect at the upper right corner of this page. Jump in there, find Sunny’s Diner under Episodes and Posts, go in and find the right thread. You’ll be all set after that!

do we EU have a chance on this or is it just for american elitists again? i’d love to win something for once

Too bad Luke isn’t born yet , so he can get the free gear ! Would’ve owned Vader really bad with some razer !

Hi Guys – don’t need to enter me for the gear (it’s great stuff, don’t get me wrong, but as a casual player, it can probably be better used by someone else).

Just wanted to say great job as always. Topics are pertinent to me as a casual player and the sound quality is always awesome. A contest like this should show you just how large your community is growing.

Keep up the great work!

What a fun website and podcast! I can’t wait for my son to check it out. Please enter me in the Razer product giveaway!