Episode 18: Live from Tatooine

Live from The Dry Dock, Tosche Station, Tatooine, Sunny’s Diner brings you a Merry Christmas Episode. Happy Holidays from Sunny and Rad.

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3 replies on “Episode 18: Live from Tatooine”

Dogie bag answer:
Understand every obscure language in the known universe.
Including Women!
I found this slightly more important than piloting a Starship or speeder.
(But is was a close one!)

Greetings Sunny’s Diner,

I am posting this notice in regards to the idea that one or more of you are playing currently on “The Shadowlands” server, and would be very interested in becoming adversaries with your Republic Dads guild once my sith cult guild is officially established in-game. You can contact me via my wordpress page or by my facebook account which uses the same mail addressed as posted along with this post. Happy gaming, and see you in The Old Republic.

– Serabis