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MER Episode 62: Twas The Night Before Launch

Happy SWTOR launch eve! With the servers down in preparation for the big day, MER was still at work, taking a look at the past week’s Early Game Access and mulling over what changes the community is likely to see after the hard launch. Zach, Alan, and Evan welcome back the long-absent Dover of Darth Hater to discuss the resolution of the supposedly late deliveries and take a look at the first active week of the official MER guild, MERC. Oh, and the winners of the Razer peripheral contest are announced. Pay attention, listen for your name, and contact the crew as soon as you hear it!

Discuss these topics and more over at this episode’s forum thread!

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Discussion Topics
– Week Zero: Early Game Access
– Collector’s Editions Delivered Early
– Mos Eisley Radio Community Guild is Live!
– Countdown to Launch
– Razer Contest Winners Announced

3 replies on “MER Episode 62: Twas The Night Before Launch”

I appreciate the giveaways! As for my MERQ, didn’t get much discussion since not many of you have read it. The journal is really nice. It does hit on the timeline content already seen, but it presents the information in a different manner with more details. Satele’s comments really add a lot to Gnost-Dural’s journal entries. Too bad Satele doesn’t know the difference between a planet and moon (Yavin IV is a moon, Satele!)

I’m one person who’s not playing The Old Republic until February. I’ve had my standard edition (I’m a poor student 😀 ) since the 15th, and I got my EGA invite for the second fay of EGA.

This was all great to know, but I’ve got exams to prepare for in January, exams that’ll define the course of my immediate future, so I’m busting my ass revising. The main demographic that’ll have the game, but wont be playing are people like me. Any UK student taking any science course will be, or should be, revising, rather than enjoying this game.

Great podcast though guys. Keep things up.

Gotta comment on the relationship between the PC gaming community and gamestop.

To put it frankly: We don’t like them. We don’t like that they barely stock the games that we’re looking for. We don’t like that they don’t carry the periferals that we would like to buy. We don’t like feeling abandoned and unwanted, and if you make us feel that way, guess what? Our chosen medium allows us to bypass you entirely!

Maybe I come off a little disgruntled :p but I can’t stress enough that gamestop doesn’t really cater to PC gamers, and so we don’t bother going in there. Also I’d rather that the poor gamestop employees can be on the servers with the rest of us if that’s their inclination.