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MER Episode 59: Waiting In Queue

In tonight’s episode, Zach, Leo, and Evan do not make you wait to hear their thoughts on waiting to play over the very full beta holiday weekend. Server stats, final guild deployment, and the fashion sense, or lack thereof, of the Jedi Consular are just a few of tonight’s topics. Also, the KOTOR roundtable returns as we approach the MER team’s upcoming Revan novel discussion.

Congratulations Derek Rohrer on winning a copy of Dungeon Defenders!

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Discussion Topics
– Thanksgiving Beta Weekend Evaluation
– Final Guild Deployment Readiness
– Jedi Consular Progression Video
– Your MERQ’s
– KOTOR Roundtable, Part Three

8 replies on “MER Episode 59: Waiting In Queue”

Hello guys.

Another great show. Thanks for it and also thank you to have answered my question on this show.

It brought some light and some angle I did not consider. It also confirmed what I was thinking. I thought I heard Stephen Reid hinting that they would like to have a mac client but they couldn’t so they’ll try to support those playing on bootcamp as much as possible. Again it was hinted not overly said. Plus I think (if I remember correctly a Q&A session at San Diego comic con) that David Bass plays on bootcamp.

From EA’s perspective I still think you can’t compare a game you might have sold on a mac a few years ago and an MMO of the magnitude of SWTOR. Also bear in mind that Blizzard attracted mac users to play MMO. Plus 3-5 years ago when they started the development of SWTOR bootcamp wasn’t really working as well as it does today.

Anyway, thank you guys for your insight.

Keep up the good work, I love your show.

Take care guys.

Jeff aka Krakookaz

P.S: btw, you did not butcher my name at all 🙂

Regarding the performance issues, I’ve been playing on my Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop with an ATI Mobile Graphics card in it.

Playing around with the graphics settings the one major item that harshly affected my performance was the Shadow Quality slider.

For a while I had my laptop connected to an external monitor so I was running 1920×1080 with High Textures and other settings up and as long as I had the Shadow slider all the way down it was fine. If I moved that slider up to 30-50% to where my character would have an actual formed shadow, my FPS dropped majorly and it was like time lapse photography.

Initialy europe side they only had one English PVE server up the queue for that at one point was over 7000 people. two and a half hours later it was still around 2500 to go. fortunately they put many more English PVE servers up though and queues never seemed to get that big again.

Regarding the Consular video, I liked the Shadow’s attire a lot, but I really didn’t like the Sage’s clothes. I’ve been in Beta twice now and think the game is great overall and very close to ready for launch. I found the game to be mostly bug free. The few bugs I came across were not being able to loot off of dead NPCs for awhile, my companion character sinking waist deep into the elevator floors at times, and getting stuck when turning in a minor side quest. This past Beta test I was in queue 15 – 20 minutes at most, which was acceptable, and I appreciated the countdown to let you know where you stood in the queue. The character creator is a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping for more customization options like in SWG or Champions Online. I enjoyed the KOTOR segment of the podcast, as always. Looking forward to some more strolls down memory lane on KOTOR.

I’ve never really liked the the Sage/Sorcerer headdresses. I can see how they would work either as a bit of diplomatic finery (Sage) or dramatic-ism (Sorcerer), but I think they look ridiculous.

That said, I love the Shadow/Assassin look. It’s just so iconic. Kinda wish they didn’t have to wear skirts, but I can take it. Anyway, I don’t see how the Shadow from the progression video looks like a hobo. Maybe they’re not as shiny as the Assassins, but the Jedi are suppose to represent an austere order (less so before the Ruusan Reformation, definitely so after), so kinda shabby, or drab, clothing isn’t outside the expectation for members of the order.

Side note: I played a Shadow to lvl 17 in the beta, and can’t wait to Sith it up as an Assassin come launch!

+1 for the Ruusan Reformation reference!

For those not in the know, that marks the beginning of the thousand-year “extinction” of the Sith Order. At least, from the Jedi’s perspective.