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MER Episode 56.5: Vintage Packaging

As promised, we are delivering a bonus episode, recorded on Tuesday November 8th! This episode, Evan takes the Captain’s Chair and is joined by MER’s resident collecting experts Leo and Eric to dish on lots of news, questions, and then dive head-first into the Collector’s Edition. Figuratively, of course. That big box might hurt. Then the team talks about every other SWTOR collectible they can think of.

Quick caveat: Because this episode had technical difficulties that prevented it from being at our usual standard of quality, this episode will not be available from iTunes or Zune Marketplace. Thanks for your understanding and we hope you enjoy!

You will find this bonus feature’s discussion thread over at our forums!

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

Discussion Topics
– Two Weeks Worth of News
– Your MERQ’s (and an email!)
– Collector’s Edition Dissection
– SWTOR Collectibles Conjecture

2 replies on “MER Episode 56.5: Vintage Packaging”

1. Part of the password issue was ingreation of the Origin and SWTOR systems.
2. Steam got hacked around the same time.
3. Lately some people accounts on the SWTOR websites got hacked by Phishing attemps. (There has been some issues post in the forums about it. Although its a very few people.)

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