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MER Episode 57: Fansite Summit 2

Fearless leader Zach returns after a long, hard weekend at the BioWare Austin offices. Guild Master Alan also joins the fray to share with Evan all the happenings at the second SWTOR Fansite Summit. Although this event was not meant to be so much about new game material, they sure came back with a lot of it! New flashpoints, new PvP, new hands-on with classes, and more. Plus, they touched the Collector’s Edition box! That big one in the picture!

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Fansite Summit 2 Recap
– New Flashpoints and PvP
– Collector’s Edition Up Close
– Your MERQ’s

4 replies on “MER Episode 57: Fansite Summit 2”

I meant the tweet on 7/24 said there will be a grace period and now they say there won’t be.

That sucks for me as I’ll be waiting for my game box to arrive from the U.S.
Hopefully gamestop ships their CE out a few days early so I get it in time.

Hey Guys! I am a newer listener, I love the show and the radio channel in general!

There was a large discussion on this episode about wireless capabilities and performance with SWTOR. I participated in the beta and thanksgiving stress test beta weekend entirely on wireless. Specifically using a relatively cheap (both devices under 50 bucks total) Rosewill wireless N router with a wireless N USB 2.0 thumb device. I have very typical mbit transfer rates around 10 down 2 up with the local cable company for about 50 bucks a month. I experienced almost no problems at all, my machine is also quite a powerhouse however (something to consider). I just wanted to say that I plan on playing entirely wirelessly after launch and I don’t expect to experience any significant issues.

Keep up the good work!