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MER Episode 56: Visceral Combat

Mos Eisley Radio is very pleased and honored to have joining us today Mr. David Bass, Senior Community Coordinator at BioWare Austin. This is a much shorter podcast than usual, but Zach and Evan make the most of their time with David, always trying to get that little bit of special info to share with the community. As always, we thank him for joining us and team MER will be paying HIM a visit next week following the announcement of the next Fansite Summit!

Come on over to the forums and give us your “visceral reactions” to this episode here.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Special Guest: David Bass
– Con Life
– More Blizzcon reactions
– Team MER gets ready for the next Fansite Summit
– The gang tries to find the definition of “visceral”

5 replies on “MER Episode 56: Visceral Combat”

Good podcast, happy to hear from David Bass! As for “visceral combat,” I think it is meant to refer to “instinctive” combat. Elaborating further, the choreographed fight animations portray your characters reacting almost “instinctively” to their opponent’s actions.

Enjoyed the podcast as always. I have a suggestion for future MER podcasts. You used to do a podcast segment called MMO Loser, which I always found interesting and amusing. In the same vein, how about doing a segment called something like SWTOR Forum Poster Loser or just Forum Poster Loser? I think there is plenty of material there for a least a couple of podcasts. For example, those endless who would win X vs. X polls.

I disagree. It’s a bit degrading to start targeting SWTOR forum users. The MMO loser segment was generalized in such a way that MER wasn’t pointing at any particular person, just a certain type of player.

I see your point and agree to a degree. However, I wasn’t suggesting that particular forum persons be singled out, just group tendencies that can be overdone or annoying. On the other hand, if the purpose of the SWTOR official forums is to build community, I suppose my idea could undermine that goal and be viewed as mean spirited.