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MER Episode 52: Save The Date

On this week’s episode, Zach and Evan welcome back MER forum guru and guild master Alan of Alan Shot First and Larry from Gamebreaker TV’s The Republic and Coming off a week of updates that seemingly came out of nowhere, this episode has enough news to fill a space freighter! They talk guilds, companions, and… the release date! As always, the crew makes time to answer several questions from the great MER community.

Join the rest of the MER community at this episode’s forum thread.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– SWTOR Release Date: 12/20/2011
– Guild Phase 2: Alignment
– Developer Dispatch: Companions
– MERQ’s

10 replies on “MER Episode 52: Save The Date”

Hmm…. It may just be my computer, but the podcast player up in the upper right-hand corner of the page is only displaying Episode 50 as the most recent podcast. Guess I will have to struggle with itunes interface again. 🙁

I only see upto episode 50 listed in the little MER PODCAST PLAYER window list to the top right too.

It probably just needs updating separately.

Nice show guys, some good discussion and nice to hear the ubiquitous Larry Everett 🙂

Though the idea of diminishing over time affection ratings is a terrible idea, imagine if you have alts!!! 5+ companions per character, 8 characters per server, X amount of characters over all servers (cap to be announced).. all of which would have diminishing affection per hour… heck no that would be punishment not entertainment.

Really nice point about if and what guild functionality the site will add or retain once release is here too, noones really ever brought that up before. As a guil;d leader I’d be curious to know Biowares answer. I can’t see the Guild sites/forums on the TOr site going away but it will be interesting to see how in synch they are with the in game guild controls.

Can’t wait for release, keep up the great work guys!

Was just wondering, as you guys discussed companion gifts, that perhaps the skill points items are their own type of gift, and there may be a different type of gift that is specifically for affection, like a trinket, or an item with no visible stats that may be used as affection-related items for companions. I think it’s a possibility. If I were one of the devs for the companions I would certainly separate skill related gifts from emotional gifts somehow.

its funny being in Beta and hearing you guys talk about stuff im playing in Beta. wish i could tell you how right/wrong you are. but you guys are great.