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MER Episode 51: An Even More Boring Planet

After a week of battling “real life,” MER returns with a four-man battle royale of SWTOR beatdowns! In this episode, our heroes, Zach and Evan, are joined once again by Leo as they welcome the new PvP expert of MER, Trevor McCool from McCool News. They cover the Beta Weekend longer than it actually lasted, school some fools on PvP, answer your tweets, and dive back into the KOTOR Roundtable with a look at two SWTOR-absent planets Dantooine and Kashyyyk (three y’s).

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– SWTOR September Beta Weekend(s)
– PVP 101
– MERQ’s
– KOTOR Roundtable: Dantooine & Kashyyyk

11 replies on “MER Episode 51: An Even More Boring Planet”

You make a great point about Hoth. You took the words right out of my mouth. There simply is zero good reason to have that as a planet in this game. Rhen Var is a planet that actually has a lot of interesting unexplored potential built into it whereas the thing that made Hoth special in Star Wars is because it was so desolate and barren. Sounds silly but story added to the planet to make it as interesting as say, Rhen Var kind of takes away from the magic of Hoth.

I mean, they could have had the EXACT same plot above almost any other planet in the Star Wars galaxy and almost any of those worlds would be more interesting than Hoth is.

In case you weren’t playing close attention, we just saw a “boss fight” with a Terentatek in the recent smuggler progression video. He’s the big nasty looking brute who gets confused when the smuggler activates his group stealth field.

Yeah…I remembered that about 10 minutes after recording wrapped up. I think I had forgotten because #1, it looks way bigger than it did in KotOR and #2, the design of the head crest on the creature has changed somewhat.

I would not have thought that was a Tarentarek unless someone told me. Looks NOTHING like previous versions. And there are so many different monsters in SW it could have been anything. Rancors all pretty much look the same, so… Gotta wonder.

Yeah, the big nasties of KOTOR have had a makeover in the last 300 years. They have had an entry in the ‘Inhabitants’ section of the official website for a long time now.

Personally, the look has slowly grown on me. I used to hate it, now I’m okay with it. It actually looks kinda cool.

I think so far in TOR videos I have noticed Tarentareks, Rancors & a third similar sized monster (no idea what it’s called). Seems we will have plenty of big nasties to test our hunting skills!

Warning – incoming constructive criticism. I think you boys need to get someone on the podcast who has done serious PvP in a different game than WoW.

Taking nothing against Steve’s points, they were pretty cool to listen to (and I was nodding along to quite a few of them, such as communication being key). However the PvP warfare is going to be a different beast to WoW’s.

Everything I have heard so far sounds like PvP in TOR will be much more akin to WAR (Warhammer Online) & similar games. Yet every time the topic comes around, the only point of reference I’m hearing is WoW (and not just on MER).

The point is, if you were able to get a different point of view into the ‘cast’, a few different issues, concepts, details, etc, may just be raised. For example, I know from my own experience that as a complete newbie, PvP in WoW was intimidating, frustrating and not fun. On the other hand, due to deeper health bars, longer fights and a greater emphasis on abilities than positioning (in most cases), WAR was able to suck in a newbie like me, ease me into the combat, and then sucker punch me, leaving me desperately craving more.
(In other words, it was FUN rather than frustrating, because “walking for 2 seconds + being stunned for 2 seconds = being dead” is not a fun formula, and fights actually lasted long enough for me to learn what I was doing wrong & how to do better!)

I ended up rambling after all. Sorry about that. Point is, variety is good. Variety is your friend. Find someone who played a PvP centred game (and enjoyed it!), and stick em on ya cast! I reckon it’ll be great! 😉

I agree with your comments about the frustration of WoW’s PvP. That’s why I was so surprised when the video’s of TOR’s PvP drew me in totally. I’ve heard good things about WAR’s PvP and I can’t wait to sit down and try this out and see how different from WoW it really is. Sadly, I’m pretty much the only one on the podcast who hasn’t had a chance to play even once. 🙁