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The Lost Suns Issue 3 Review

Lost Suns #3:    Space Truckin’

In this issue Theron, Zho, and Teff’ith set off across the galaxy in pursuit of whatever secrets Darth Mekhis may be hiding. Along the way Theron shows off his awesome kung-fu moves, gets totally bummed about his lack of Force powers, and enjoys the local wildlife while out camping. Zho gets to act like a crazy person and shouts a lot. And Teff’ith is, well, she talks like her mouth forgets to speak every third word that her brain is thinking of.

Anyone who has read my other reviews knows that I’ve been waiting for the past two issues for Teff’ith to become something more than a pointless add-on character. Well, you know what they say about being careful what you wish for. This time she’s in every damn panel and every time she opens her mouth she utters the most annoying and strange lines of dialogue. Of our trio of protagonists, she continues to be the weakest link and I think the comic would have been better off without her.

Jedi Master Zho continues to be the only character in this comic I find myself really caring about and connecting with all that much. The closer our heroes get to the mystery of Darth Mekhis’s plans, the more unbalanced he becomes. It’s his unbalanced nature that makes him a truly enjoyable character to read and Alexander Freed does a great job writing him in this issue. At times Zho is just a kooky old man who enjoys the tingling sensation of frostbitten toes, and others he’s paranoid and convinced that he seems to be holding the fate of the galaxy in his crazy old hands. And by the end of the issue we find that he may be right.

Sadly, the action doesn’t seem to flow so well in this issue and I really enjoyed issue two more than this one. But, the issue does end on an awesome cliffhanger that has me very excited for issue four!  Issue four arrives at comic book stores on September 14th.