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MER Episode 46: Pre-Order Madness

MER Episode 46: Pre-Order Madness

San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend brought out SWTOR in full force. In this episode we are joined by Bill (Lethality) from Ask A Jedi as we recap Pre-orders, box sets and much more news from this past weekend. In fact, there is so much news we devote an entire episode to News From The Galactic Republic. So sit back and enjoy as you listen to our comments and speculation from this past SDCC.

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– SDCC Warp up
– Pre-Orders
– Advance Class Respecing Confirmed
– Join the Fight

13 replies on “MER Episode 46: Pre-Order Madness”

Another great podcast, thanks. Now the big question of the month, when is the next Open Bounty?

Thank you. Well…..Evan has a 4 week thing with the National Guard so anytime after he gets back we will record the next episode. Anything you would like to see discussed? 🙂

Sadly that won’t happen since he now works at Bioware, (maybe you knew that or maybe you didn’t)

Yip I knew that but I miss him on the podcast, any chance of him coming back as a guest anytime soon? Mybe get some feed back on what it has been like to be an Bioware employee and general talk about tor

love the podcasts! ^_^ still wish there was new information about the consulars though :/

Just checked the “Join The Fight” Trailer. The Sith the Jedi fights is actually using the funky training glow stick thingy. So now we can keep on speculating 😀

Just thought I’d share.

while i understand you want people to be experenced and geared for there job such as a tank should know to taunt and have tank gear you need to remeber this is a MMORPG not an RPG. We will be playing this game for the next year min even if the game is a total falure and dies it is going to have the servers on for a year and if it does great we could be playing this game for 6 years or more

So for now at the start having things locked in where they can only do one job i think is fine we need everyone to learn to do things but we also need to be aware that its not that hard to learn another job and its not that hard to gear up when people dont need stuff. It takes at most 1-2 hours to be a top quality healer even if your main is a tank or dps as long as somone tells you what you need to do which is what guilds are there for this is not hard to learn

Now days in Wow almost everything droped in the ZG/ZA area goes to DE all of that gear could be going to offspec for a tank thats currently playing dps or a healer or what ever else the same will be true down the road with SWTOR if we are playing this for years there will be all the time in the world to gear up for more then 1 spec with out taking gear from people that really need it for there main spec

Also about your comment about it being “emersion braking” thats bull your just trying to make a reason there these people are not 12 year olds right out of training you can tell just looking at the pic we are going to be playing as like 20+ atleast for our Chars you have no idea what kind of training that other guy standing there might or might not of had before you met him there is even cannon for heroes having skills of both advanced classes…………..
Look at yoda the little guy is clearly a jedi consular and again he most of the time shows to be a Sage type but when pushed he will pull out a lightsaber and fight just like a shadow so even in cannon there is support for access to both Advanced classes

you got to remeber we are not just common people here like in other games like Wow we are HEROES in this game and we should have the ablityes like the HEROES

You made mention about a jedi clashing with someone with a yellow light saber, but it’s not a light saber, it’s one of the vibro blades.