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MER Episode 45: SDCC Pregame


We are joined by the ladies of Corellian Run Radio this week as we talk about this upcoming San Diego Comic Con. In this episode we discuss the latest news revolving around SWTOR and answer your questions as well. We even squeeze in time to do another entertaining MMO Loser segment.

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– SDCC Preview
– Your Questions
– MMO Loser

9 replies on “MER Episode 45: SDCC Pregame”

I gotta say this discussion of limited armor is discussion but I have to disagree that it would be boring if you only had 2 or 3. D&D 3.5 the monk wears zero armor and is the ” billy bad-ass”

Hello guys!

About the WoW references. I don’t really mind them a lot, but when i go to a swtor podcast is to hear about swtor and it can get tiring if you spend half an hour talking about another game, besides is always the same game, like… Is that the only MMO you can compare swtor to? Haven’t you played any other?. It’s like when you are with a girl and she just keeps making references to her old boyfriend, anyway, great show guys!

hehe a wonderfull podcast once again.
ever looked into SWGemu? for the old starwars galaxies feel

I enjoyed the podcast a lot. Just a comment about the SWTOR not having more playable species. My theory from things the developers have said is that the reason you can’t play a Wookie, Rodian, etc. is that you have companion characters that can be romanced. It would be weird to have a Wookie hooking up with a human. Also, the developers probably want to avoid the game getting a mature rating, which might happen if weird romances like this were allowed in the game.

Not only is the text crawl is an iconic part of the Star Wars series but it also was used specifically in reference to the old pulp serials (specifically Flash Gordon) which Lucas drew upon for inspiration for the film. The text crawl also tied into the idea that Episode IV was the continuation of a series rather than a complete story in and of itself.

@ Class Story Ending – Because our class story is going to be presented in arcs, my expectation is that there will be resolution, but some smaller threads will be left open for expansions.

Remember that they’ve previously commented on the fact that they’ve already written the story for years into the future. Even if they’ve only done rough “this is the direction & major plot points we will do”, they could still link those future things into seemingly small quests (ala Dragon Age 2).

World Arcs on the other hand….. 😉