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MER Episode 41: Operations

MER Episode 41: Operations
E3 has come and gone but we have plenty of recap, discussion and good times for you on this episode of MER. We have two guests on this episode for you. First off joining us from Massively and The Republic we have Larry Everett. We recap everything from E3 and speculate every chance we get.

Joining us in the second half of the show is my good friend Brett Steinbrink aka Steiny. We reminisce about the raiding days of old in WoW and look ahead at Operations in TOR. If you still play WoW and are looking for a great 10 man raiding group check them out.

As always join in on the discussion in this episode on our forums. Also we have announce our upcoming MER game night, which will be June 25th 8pm EST.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Return Trailer
– Tatooine Walk-through
– Release Date
– Operations
– Razer Peripherals

10 replies on “MER Episode 41: Operations”

It’s the Sky Sled portion of the Battle Ram. Yes, I am that damned old. frak

Well I probably did a poor job stating my thought. I meant to say 16 will allow for a representative from each tree for each AC class. Each class has 4 of these. For example the Trooper has Vanguard and the two trees allow you to heal or dps and the commando has two trees which allow you to tank or dps. Each class has 4 possible trees that they can focus making 16 an ideal number to allow one of each of these.

You are correct though in the fact that there are only 8 ACs for each side. Hopefully this clarifies what I said.

I always thought that the Smuggler in Return was ‘gunslinger’ ala duel wield, outfit.?

Loved the in-depth coverage of what i can expect as a non-veteran player of MMO’s of the operations in TOR.

Once again i really enjoyed the wealth of knowledge regarding MMO’s and the guests you bring on really know their stuff (Steiny for example)

I missed out on WoW but i hope to have some of my favorite gaming moments right here as part of this wonderful communities guild.

PAX is gunna be epic. I just might ditch my friend with his Canadian friends and chill with the MERC crowd. Pike Place Market is the name of the market Larry was trying to think of.

Downtown has a ton of places to eat, though.

Thanks guys, another great show! I too love, love, love the new trailer – (even if it did seem odd that a prisoner with armed guards was allowed to keep his guns 🙂