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MER Episode 40: Deceived

MER Episode 40: Deceived
Hey guys and gals, we have kind of a special episode for you today. We are joined by Alan of our forums to discuss the latest Star Wars novel Deceived. Deceived takes place during the TOR time period and focus on three key characters, one of which is Darth Malgus. There are a lot of spoilers in this episode so if you are planning on reading the book you might want to finish it before you listen.

Also we have a contest that we are starting in this episode as well. The winner will get a copy of deceived that has been signed by Daniel Erickson and the rest of the SWTOR writing team. Even if you already own Deceived you still will want to tune to hear the details on the contest. If you are afraid of listening to the podcast because of spoilers but want the contest info we will post it shortly. Join in the discussion about this episode on our forums.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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My friends said the same thing about swtor technologies being to advanced. But there’s a lot of time from swtor to the prequels. (note I know nothing of the eu) but many things could have happened in that time. Looking at our own history. There are some simple answers that could fit into that time frame, like the fall of Rome. We lost so much knowledge when Rome fell. Another example is the dark ages. It put a huge dent in the gain of humanities knowledge. something like this may have happened since swtor. witch might explain why the tech is so similar.

Pardon my spelling and grammar

Loved the episode guys, The show was gr8 as always, So I picked up the book today and I’m looking forward to reading it now. Was also great to hear Alan on the show, the sneaky lil devil!

Keep it up lads πŸ™‚ bring us some juicy info from E3! πŸ˜›


Great Show, I thought the most applicable part of the book was the Hutt En Spice war and how my choices as a player could be involved in that. For instance if I could have the dark side choice to run spice and make more credits as apposed to say good where you get less.

First off… Fatal Alliance is well worth getting and reading. It ties in immensly between the new aspects of TOR gameplay. Like not spoiling but the end battle can deffinatly be seen as an operation from what i saw in the new trailer. It also shows off companion characters although not as much as Decieved does.

I completely loved how Alan knew the entire book as i was thinking to myself “Oh My God…” everytime Evan and Zach blooped on the story. πŸ˜›

I would also like to recommend reading the Darth Bane trilogy which is also set in the old republic era. It shows you what evil in Star Wars is really like. And deffinitly Darth Bane is a contender for the greatest Sith Lord.

Cant wait to participate in the contest!


ok i have not read the book but i am planning on it but i just listened to the part of yall saying best hand to hand sequence ever and the best melee author ive read so far is salvatore now this might be better but if you enjoyed it check out his stuff especially vector prime