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Open Bounty 002: Warzones

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PvP is a staple of the MMO genre. When you’re not taking on epic bosses in a dungeon, you’re probably going toe to toe with other players in a battleground. In this episode of Open Bounty, we take a look at what PvP means for Star Wars, and what challenges Bioware has to face in order to make flashpoints an exciting experience that keeps players coming back.

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16 replies on “Open Bounty 002: Warzones”

Guys this is really well done! I love your hat, Zach! I know there are harder to do, but they are well worth it. Hopefully some TV station will pick you guys up and syndicate a new show!

By the way, how hard would it be to release an audio only version of these? I don’t always have a chance to watch it (easily) but listening in my car would be a great alternative until I find the time.

Keep up the awesome work!!

Fellas, really glad you have added a videocast to your arsenal. I’v enjoyed your podcast for the last couple months and look forward to future shows. Keep on rockin in the free world.

It would be pretty sweet if you were able to fight with just… loads of NPCs in a warzone like this. It sounds kind of Dynasty Warriors but just popping out of a trench, running head to head with other players/npcs. Then have a counter or something for how many NPCs are on either side and then it’s just a battle of attrition with objectives like guns to capture that could give you the advantage in the battle.

Open field force on force combat might seem plain to some but my god the mass slaughter would just be great.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! We’re so glad to hear that people really dig the format for Open Bounty.

As for the video format for smaller devices, we’re looking into the best solution for that. We want to make sure that as many people can view the video as possible without any issues, which includes mobile devices. Hopefully we’ll have a solution in place for the next episode!

nipple guns ftw xD

this got me even more excited… I WANNA PLAY PvP! 8D
I liked this show more then 1 but thats probably because i like PvP more

Keep it up guys, im looking forward to the next episode =D

Tim Skijwalker

Nice video guys.
There’s just one thing that I don’t really agree with… Some people like to heal in PvP. If I’m specced like a healer in PvP it means that I want to heal.


Im a hardcore WORLD pvper, they have got to make pvp viable, i agree capturing a flag is stupid. I certainly hope the Warzones will mean something besides winning a 15 minute battle. Pve Specs do need to be made useful in pvp. I used to love to tank but i also love pvp so i always have to have 2 toons in every game i play which i consider stupid. The deadliest guy in a battleground should be a tank type, instead they are the most useless. The biggest problem all the other MMo’s have had is balancing melee vs ranged, AoC and Warhammer are both broken games because of the extreme imbalances in pvp especially melee vs ranged. WoW much as people say they hate it, at least have a good balance in the ranged vs melee, yet still tanks arent viable. These are Several things i think need to be fixed in all MMO’s.

Very well done. The more gameplay shots you put in the background the better. It reminds me how much I love the game

Hey guys love the cast, but only thing that urked me was saying Queing anywhere for BGs was straight from WoW. Warhammer had that option from launch, and that was way before WoW put it in during WotLK.

But love your POVs. lol it like you should have a slogan. For the Fans, By the Fans.

Brooks and Zach make excellent points why ( The Game thou shalt not be named ) is missing the whole aspect of Pvp , you basically wanna fill like the battle matters rather than play a silly game of capture the flag all the time . What Bioware is doing they are taking is putting a story like the epic battle of Hoth , in perspective and intergarting a story that effects everything .

A great newcast, short video that you guys made. Really opened my eyes to what to think about. I’m pretty sure that Bioware will watch these, the insight is beyond what I have thought about. I’m have a quick thought about the places you do the shot: A good place to shoot it is on the roof. Could be creative, dangerous, and maybe more entertaining, since you will be trying to balance. Grabbing a chair+chill on the roof= Even better Open Bounty.