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MER Episode 31: Instanced

MER Episode 31: Instanced

Flashpoints! Release rumors! The past two weeks have SWTOR have been packed to the brim with news of game mechanics and speculation about the release of The Old Republic. We sit down and discuss the video for Taral V, as well as both of the blogs featuring world designer Jesse Sky. We also dive into the release rumor fiasco that crept up shortly after episode 30, and try and figure out if any of it matters at all. The show finishes up with comment from listener Matt Gregory about support roles. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts by joining the discussion of this episode on the FORUMS!

We want to offer a big thanks to Alan, Toxix89, Blackferne, Galindran, Kyle Kramek, The Fish76, NBFDLunitik, and TBills for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

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News From the Galactic Republic
Flashpoint Update
– Brand new Game Systems page
– Taral V Video
– Developer Blog with World Designer Jesse Sky
– Jesse Sky’s Gamespot Interview

Stories From the Outer Rim
September Release Rumor
– Brean, Murray, Carret, & Co. downgrade EA from “buy” to “hold”, pending an announcement about SWTOR. Tell their investors EA stock will be best around launch, which they “predict” to be Q4CY2011 at best.
– MCV “unnamed source”
– Summary of what we know from Larry Everett of Massively

Community Discussion
Support Classes
– Audio comment from Matt Gregory in defense of support classes

2 replies on “MER Episode 31: Instanced”

Just do the math – 300 million is nothing, considering the fact that the gaming industry has long since passed the movie industry in terms of income. People are such brainfarts.

1 million subscribers = around 20 million dollars per month on subs alone, which is 240 million per year. Not to mention box sales of maybe around 30 milllion total (50% of the 1 million people, the rest might DL the client instead)

Is this game not going to survive for longer than 2 years, because that’s what it’ll take to earn back all the money. Then the 3rd year onwards, 95% of that money will be PURE PROFIT.

And then comes all the merchandise and whatnot, not just for TOR but also for other SW products that gets a boost in sales because of TOR. Not to mention vice versa, the fact that TOR will have the benefit of additional potantial players in the beginning, due to SW being maybe the biggest Sci Fi franchise in the world, with BY FAR the biggest fanbase.

Do the math and stop speculating. Not you radio guys, but just “people”. lol

Your math is a little rough around the edges, but with EA anticipating a 10-year lifespan they will definitely make their money back in that amount of time unless the game absolutely bombs. I’d say it will pay itself off within 5-years if they can maintain 1 million subscribers when you consider the expenses they will incur over that same period of time.

Then again, that is a hefty number for any MMO these days outside of the behemoth WoW.