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MER Episode 15 Pre-Poll: Revisiting Planets…With A Twist!

mer 15 pre poll

The poll this week revisits the idea from episode 9 with a slightly different twist. With the recent annoucement of Taris and the newest developer video outlining the team’s approach to this destroyed planet, we want to know which, if any, of the planets from KOTOR you would love to see in the game.

Here’s the catch, we’re going to provide links to the Wookipedia entry for each planet to refresh your minds, and in the comments we want to hear your ideas for how Bioware can take a familiar landscape and craft a new and interesting story in it. Get creative! Have some crazy idea about a Wookie uprising on Kashyyyk? Want to rebuild pieces of the Star Forge floating around Rakata Prime? Sketch it out, and we’ll discuss your storylines on episode 15.

Brush up on each planet’s history…
Rakata Prime
Yavin System