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MER Episode 11: Now Begins the (Sith) Inquisition!


To say the last couple of weeks has media blitz of new TOR news would be the understatement of the century. We break down both of the new classes, get some new info about companions and class trees, and look at how Bioware is going to approach the MMO “Trinity”. There’s also a brand new release rumor, and some great listener questions.

Check it out and join us in the forums for discussion!

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News from the Galactic Republic
Final two classes revealed to be Force users
-Jedi Consular at the Holonet and Darth Hater
-Sith Inquisitor at Darth Hater
-Bioware’s choice to address “healing” as CC and damage-mitigation instead of outright “heals”

Smuggler Class Trees

Insight into Companion Characters

General Information Confirmed

Stories from the Outer Rim
Release Rumor Round 2: Could a compiling of the Threat of Peace and a new short story accompany a release of the game?

Pre-Episode Poll
What faction will you be playing once TOR launches?
-Sith Empire (38%)
-Galactic Republic (35%)
-I plan to have characters on both sides (27%)

Listener Questions
Since the last two classes aren’t droid/pet classes, do you still think we’ll get to have customizable droid pets, or do you see them maybe offering a companion character like the dog in dragon age, which by the way I agree, that game is amazing. I hope they don’t just stick us with a single option like that. I’d like to be able to switch between my Strill and my Wampa, rather than being stuck with the same boring Kowakian monkey lizard from the beginning.
-Axe Faktor

Do you think it was possible for a Sith Warrior to “work” for the Republic? Maybe a light sith or a dark jedi like characters?
-Darth Revan 72

In developer interviews people have asked about character customization and they have barely said much other than that it wont be as intuitive as dragon age:orgins (bioware)which is understandible however there has been virtually no discussion regarding the race/ species discussion. There have been many screenshots and footage that show races such as calmari, twi’lek, and kel dor. However all of the characters that have been shown as playable have been human. I would really love to play as another race because of the Huge diversity of species in the star wars universe. If you could discuss this and dig up any information regarding this subject in the next podcast I would be really stoked!
Post GamesCom forum post confirming non-human playable races:

Audio question from Ben Racho. What races do we expect?

Audio question from Sunny Ravencourt about the “Trinity”.