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MER Episode 10: Orbital Bombardment!


Wow, the Imperial Agent!! We knew the community was buzzing about the next class for the Sith Empire, but we certainly weren’t expecting an announcement this soon. The two of us cover the ins and outs of the new class, as well as Bioware’s approach to preventing gold farmers and botters from ruining our game experience before the game is even out! We also received some great listener questions about classes and how the Austin team is going to pull off all this story business!

Again, huge shoutout to the officers over at! They put on a fantastic LAN last weekend.

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News from the Galactic Republic
Imperial Agent announced as the third Sith Empire class
-Picked up first by Now Gamer, then Darth Hater, then the official forum post by Sean Dahlberg
-Added to the Holonet
Inspiration for story / combat
-Darth Hater invited to LucasArts for a demo

Writing the Jedi Knight

No native support for Mac

Stories from the Outer Rim
Gold Sellers, Power Levelers Beware….Bioware knows you’re there!!

Listener Questions
How am I supposed to pick a class!!

What do you think will the last two character classes be for ToR? More force users? Droid engineer?

I’ve been having trouble decided who I want to play as in TOR,Jedi or Bounty Hunter, bounty hunter is cooler but I hate being a bad guy so I was wondering if I could be a bounty hunter but make good choices in the cutscenes.
-Knight of the Light

We’ve heard it time and time again, Bioware is taking the story very serious in this MMO. Each character class is supposed to have it’s own quests with zero repetition when you roll another. This sounds really amazing on paper. But can they actually pull this thing off? Did they set the a bar a bit too high for themself?