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MER Episode 09: Betting on Red 5


Bioware finally added the Jedi to the Holonet! Zach and I break down what to expect from combat and story for one of SWTOR’s most anticipated classes. We also touch on the announcement leak, Bioware’s design direction, and answer a great pile of listener questions. Give it a listen and send us your feedback!

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News from the Galactic Republic
-Jedi Knight added to the Holonet
Quotes in the episode from GameSpot article

Stories from the Outer Rim
-Jedi Knight leaked early (Thanks to Axe Faktor for the heads up)

Design thoughts – Sparked by the tapered lightsaber discussion on our forums

Poll of the week discussion
What unconfirmed planet do you want to see the most in TOR?
-Tatooine 29%
-Other 21%
-Dantooine 14%
-Mon Calimari 14%
-Telos 10%
-Kashyyyk 10%
-Bothawui 2%
-Other planets from the comments: Obroa-Skai, Ilum, Corellia, Dagobah

Listener Questions
Hey guys awesome show!! Just wanted to know how (if you were one of the developers) you would personally distinguish the jedi class from the sith class. I mean obviously the sith uses abilities exclusive to the dark side of the force and jedi from the light, and the sith is a melee /tank but what would you do to make the jedi seem and feel like a different class gameplay-wise.
-Jedi Master Brishia

Hey Mos Eisley crew i was wondering in star wars do they have eny holidays for example christmas?
-Darth Sciros
Star Wars Holidays

@moseisleyradio I’m of the mind that this is a major blow to the argument for 4 Force-using classes. Can you talk about that this ep?

@moseisleyradio Great episode. In regards to the Hunter class, Slave Trader? That class brings up certain moral issues, but could work.

@moseisleyradio What do you think about classes like Jedi and Sith being announced so late instead of being first?