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MER Episode 08: The Black Sun Syndicate


Bioware dropped the making of Coruscant and the new planet, Balmorra, on us, and Zach points out a mention of the Black Sun Syndicate! Christian Sorrell joins us from to discuss the news and the possibility of creature handlers in SWTOR, as well as some listener questions about Bioware points, mounts, and more. We top off the episode with a special segment about the Star Wars franchise. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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News from the Galactic Republic
-The Making of Coruscant
-Balmorra revealed as the newest playable planet location in SWTOR

Stories from the Outer Rim
-Is Creature Handler going to be revealed as a playable class?

Listener Questions
I Think the points system that you guys was talking about in episode 7 could be something like World Of Warcraft’s DKP system. Where you gain points for raiding and then when you gain enough of these points you could use these points to gain epics from drops in the raid. Join the dark side we have cookies.
-Darth Sciros

We all know that swtor will have many planets to explore my question is will swtor have mounts and if so maybe mounted combat? Also do you believe that the planets will be massive(like in swg) or about the size of a couple of zones in WoW.
-Mesirav Darkcrest

In the official site “Timeline” they talk a lot about geonosis being this arena planet. How likely do you think it is that we’ll see the relatively barren Geonosis in the game, and what are your thoughts on it. I saw it as being a PvP heavy Arena planet.
-Axe Faktor

One of the things I’ve been most concerned about is this: What incentive will there be for characters to group together for quests? I mean socialization and companionship are one thing, but what about furthering your story line, and what do you do when all your friends and guildmates are busy on another planet and don’t have time to come do your “Flashpoint?” And what if the people who DO have time turn out to be jerks? I posted this a while ago, on the TOR forums, and I’m interested to hear what you think. Thanks!
-Billy Uno