Mos Eisley Radio

MER Episode 07: The NOT Beta


Game Testing…Holy crap! I don’t think any of us were expecting this. And of course, we couldn’t wait another week to talk about it! We also touch on the new Sith Developer Blog, and answer a listener question about character and story customization.

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News from the Galactic Republic
-SWTOR Game Testing: What it is and isn’t, and what it means for you as a fan

-Game Testing announcement brings the site down for hours

-Sith Developer Blog

Stories from the Outer Rim
-Is Bioware using “points” for in-game currency?

Listener Questions
Hey Zach and Brooks first I just wanted to say great job with the podcast you guys are doing a great job. My question is that the developers are putting a lot of emphasis on story and that every class will have a unique story. I was wondering on how the player stories are going to be more personal like so if me and my buddy are both bounty hunters are we going to do the same quests and I know that we can choose different paths but if we chose the same class would we have different experiences than each other. For example if im a Kel Dor and my friend is a human if we go to the Kel Dor homeworld do you think that I may have a specific quest just for me to make my character unique? I know its a long question I was just wondering what your thoughts were and just keep up the good work.
-Mesirav Darkcrest