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MER Episode 05: PAX 2009

pax 2009

PAX 2009 served up a huge pile of new SWTOR news. Everything from Coruscant, to Trooper gameplay, to player housing, and more. Give it a listen and join the discussion!

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News From the Galactic Republic
PAX – Penny Arcade Expo
-Coruscant confirmed as a playable planet (Video @ YouTube)
Trooper class demo
-Death system
-Use of phasing system for personal stories

Stories From the Outer Rim
-Player housing
-Morality System
Sith Infiltrator Class

Listener Questions
@sirdesmond – Do you think SWTOR will have character customization to the level of Champions Online or Star Trek Online?

@TonySama22 – The finishing moves in some vids, will those come about from talent trees or trainers, etc?

@NpXDinO – The landscape was beautiful in the demos!! How high are the land expectations after that sexyness!?!?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and the forums!