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MER Episode 04: Basterds of the Old Republic

jedi attack

The past two weeks have served up a heaping helping of news and rumors. We break down everything from the developer walkthrough to some interesting community creations. Details are in the notes below…give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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News From the Galactic Republic
GamesCom Developer Walkthrough
– Bounty Hunter
– Korriban / Sith Warrior
– Flashpoint: “Highly customized story and gameplay experience”
– Detailed breakdown at Darth Hater

SWTOR Localized to French and German
– French and German versions of the website AND game
– Includes forums, Holonet, timeline videos, etc
– Very important to building a global community

Stories From the Outer Rim
SWTOR Release Rumor
– How we’re going to treat these rumors
– French site reports reliable source says October of 2010
– Poll Results

Community Highlight
Heroes of the Old Republic
– Old-style radio drama created by community member DeaconX
– Prelude tells the story of the Deception trailer from the perspective of
– Episode I picks up with a swoop race on Ord Mantell, follows the story of young Falco Danner

Twitter Questions
@COMMUNISTROBOT – Should gear color schemes auto-adjust/change depending on your environment. i.e. snow cammo, jungle cammo, etc. /discuss

@gem1138 – My hype has definitely raised after watching the walkthrough! The kick to the nuts followed by the headshot was fantastic!

@sirdesmond – In the multiplayer dialogue cutscenes, could playing with people u dont know screw stuff up if they say something u wouldnt? (DIALOG CLIP – Daniel Erickson, Lead Writer)