Mos Eisley Radio

MER Episode 03: Speculathon 2009

jedi attack

With little news coming from the SWTOR site and Comic-Con, we break down some of the finer points of group play and the concept of companion characters in an MMO setting. We also get our first chance to field some listener questions from Twitter and the site. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

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News From the Galactic Republic / Stories from the Outer Rim
Pre Comic-Con IGN Interview with Dallas Dickinson and Jake Neri
-Raids and Group Class Members
-Companion Characters

Twitter Questions
sirdesmond and bmartin717 were curious about group structure and whether or not tanks would be required.
NpXDinO and Silv3r_Rav3n wanted to know about the graphics in SWTOR

P.S. Unfortunately we missed covering the new developer blog. This will definitely be discussed in the next episode!