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The Lost Suns Issue 4 Review

The Lost Suns 4 Review

Lost Suns #4: The Penultimate Review

Well, we’ve almost made it to the end. Here is the penultimate issue of The Lost Suns (I’ve always wanted an excuse to use the word “penultimate”) and this issue is packed with two big reveals, one of which could have a large impact on the game we will be playing: what happened to Zho in Sith space, and most importantly for the game, what was the large installation that Darth Mekhis was constructing?

This issue is once again full of flashbacks; this time telling us what Zho was up during those years he had disappeared into Sith occupied territory. As usual, Zho is the only character with any real development as we see him turn from a man fighting against the Sith every way he knew how to someone who is so traumatized by the events he witnessed that he uses the Force to erase his own memories. Having all of those memories come flooding back at the end of issue three seems to have broken and defeated Zho until Theron steps up and reminds him what they’re fighting for.

And what are they fighting for? Why, to destroy the Sun Razer, Darth Mekhis’s ultimate weapon. Based on ancient alien technology, it is a giant sun powered shipyard being used to built fleets and superweapons in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional methods of construction. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Although the comic never comes out and says it, I’m guessing that the Sun Razer’s design is based off the Star Forge from Knights of the Old Republic. And this is the real reason that the Empire demanded those seven insignificant systems as part of the Treaty of Coruscant. Apparently these seven systems are some of the only ones in the galaxy capable of supporting a Sun Razer. Stay tuned for the next issue to see how our heroes stop the Empire. Issue five hits your local comic store on October 12th.