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MER Episode 63: Fully Armed and Operational

The first official week of The Old Republic is in the books and the MER crew has gathered to see how it’s going and look ahead to upcoming patches. Besides the recent patch 1.0.1, they also take a look at James Ohlen’s developer preview of the first big patch of 2012. Alan, Leo, Zach, and Evan lay down their thoughts, predictions, and only a few gripes regarding their experiences and what they’d like to see happen in the coming months. Also, they answer a whole lot of your questions and give us another update on the activities of MER’s official guild.

Quick note: iTunes did not show all of our recent 5-star reviews at the time of recording, but we do thank all that have left us 5-stars and we will give you the proper shout-out next week! Thanks again!

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Discussion Topics
– Week One: Queues and Server Status
– SWTOR Population: Over 1 Million!
– Patch Update: 1.0.1 and Beyond
– Your MER-Q’s
– MERC Guild Update

Show Art Submitted By: Joel