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MER Episode 58: Full Disclosure

Zach and Evan return to form joined this week by not one, but two special guests! Sunny and Radicool from Sunny’s Diner join the fray for this landmark episode where the crew can finally break their silence on beta impressions. With the NDA having dropped, they mull over their initial reactions, gush, nitpick, and also go over some aspects of the Legacy system. Then they get carried away talking about every nerdy thing possible, yet still find time to answer a LOT of your MERQ’s.

Get nerdy with the rest of the team at this episode’s forum thread. Oh, yeah, it’s right here.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– The NDA Is No More! Well… Mostly
– Legacy System Hints
– MER and Sunny’s Talk Beta
– Your MERQ’s