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What happens when Zach and Evan are both invited to join Galactic Public Radio‘s Brian and Andy for Talk of the Galaxy? Pure awesome. The panel tackles all the big news, both good and bad, including server pop, mergers, transfers, and the best way for BioWare to handle the current and future SWTOR population. They also throw out their thoughts for what Game Update 1.3 could realistically do to keep players and bring back those who have fallen to the dark side.

Hop on over to their site to directly download this great episode or search for them on iTunes. Be sure to drop them a line and stay tuned to MER to hear Brian and Andy invade our radio space in the near future!

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Introducing Wits End Radio: A League of Legends Podcast


Hey guys. Over the past few years I have got to know a lot of you in our MER community and I discovered there is a large number of us that enjoy League of Legends. I wanted to let everyone in on a little project I am starting dedicated to LoL, called Wits End Radio. This is a podcast that is similar to Mos Eisley Radio but discuss the latest news, startigies and more about our favorite MOBA game. If you guys are interested check it out.

Right now we are giving away Sivir with her Pax skin. For more information head over to our website . You can follow us on twitter as well for more information. (which you will need to know for the contest ) We hope you enjoy it.

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Companion Madness

Welcome to the third annual March Madness tournament for Star Wars: The Old Republic! If you’re new to MER, you should feel free to go back and listen to the last two years’ editions of this special event, wherein the hosts matched up classic Star Wars characters to each of SWTOR’s Classes and debated the age-old question: in a straight-up fight, who’s gonna win?

The first year, we didn’t know any of the advanced classes so we only had eight spots to fill. Year two we knew all the AC’s and had to plumb the depths of the Expanded Universe to fill out the brackets. This year, now that the game is actually out and we’ve been playing for several months, we are switching things up and drafting the brackets with each classes’ first two companions! Why the first two only? It’s the least biased and most spoiler-free way to do this and still have fun. Also, we won’t be the ones picking the winners. We will be leaving that up to you! This won’t be a one night brawl either. Each day, we will post a new match-up which you can cast your vote for in our forums. The person with the highest amount of votes at the end of the day will win and move on to the next round. We will continue to do this throughout the entire bracket until we reach the end. –

So, get your office brackets set, start your betting pools, and since the fate of your favorite companion depends on votes, get your friends in on it and rally others to your cause!

Championship Round: Elara vs Vette

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Razer Give-Away Contest


Mos Eisley Radio Razer Give-Away

To help get ready for the imminent launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Razer and BioWare are giving four lucky people some brand new Razer PC peripherals. While these are not the ultra-cool SWTOR-branded products, Razer always delivers high-quality mice and keyboards to take your game to the next level. MER has four exciting gifts to send out to those listeners who follow us around the ‘net this week and here’s how to find them:

Razer Goliathus Extended Mousepad: Follow @moseisleyradio on Twitter and tweet out the official contest announcement from the website, including url and hash-tag “#merRazer.” The winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries.

What To Tweet
Hey, @moseisleyradio is giving out a bunch of razer gear to kick off #swtor. For info on how to win visit: #merRazer

Razer Mouse Bungee: ‘Like’ Mos Eisley Radio on Facebook, drop us a Comment on the official contest post, and we’ll randomly select the winner. No, overly complimenting will not increase your odds.

Razer Orca Headset:

Razer Naga
After launching this contest we were informed that we would not be receiving an Orca headset to give out. The good news is Razer is giving a Naga to give you. The contest for the mouse is the exact same contest for the headset. Anyone who emailed us the correct answer for the headset will automatically be placed in the drawing for the mouse. We apologize to anyone who really wanted a headset.

Watch (or re-watch!) Open Bounty Episode 10: Flashpoints and send an email to [email protected] with the correct answer to the following question:

What was on Zach’s shirt in Open Bounty E10: Flashpoints?

Be sure to include “Razer Contest” in the subject line. A random selection will be made from amongst all entries which have the correct answer. Episodes of Open Bounty can be found at the Mos Eisley Radio homepage (, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Razer Anansi Keyboard: Jump over to the official Mos Eisley Radio Community Forums, click over to the new and improved Episodes & Posts section, find Mos Eisley Radio, enter the thread titled “Razer Give-Away” and leave us a reply telling us why you need a new keyboard! Maybe your cat spilled coffee on it (true story), or you threw it against the wall playing Witcher 2. Just leave a reply, and, once again, we’ll randomly select a winner from eligible entries.

Just take note, we’ll announce the winners on the following week’s podcast (to be recorded 12/19, released 12/20), so you can enter for all of them, but if you happen to win once, you’ll be ineligible for another. If you hear your name announced during the episode, email us pronto! That way we’ll make sure to get your new gear out to you in time to enjoy over the Holidays.

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Welcome To The MER Media Network!

Welcome To Mos Eisley Radio: A SWTOR Media Network and Fan Community!

For over two years, Mos Eisley Radio has been bringing its own brand of high quality discussion to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. An overwhelming sense of gratitude goes out to the community members that have made MER one of the top podcasts on iTunes, as well as having given fans of BioWare’s game a safe place to call home and meet so many new friends with whom to enjoy the adventure.

Out of this community, came many more independent web projects which are of a high caliber in their own right. One of these projects was Alan Shot First, formerly known as 90 Seconds With Alan, brought to you by the dedicated, and already hard-working, forum moderating Alan Nauman. Alan’s vid-casts have themselves become a staple in the weekly diet of the SWTOR fan while the countdown clock continues towards December 20th. Alan regularly brings to the community his own take on the big news of the week and always encourages input from the forum-goers.

While MER has tried to breakdown the upcoming game from multiple angles and for various play styles, there is another podcast which knows that there is another voice that often goes unheard: the casual one. Sunny’s Diner has, in its short tenure, provided a “podcast for the rest of us,” which not only gives voice to the busy gamer of today’s world, but brings a level of cool-headedness to often hot-headed debates. Every week, hosts Sunny Ravencourt and Radicool serve up a four-course helping of SWTOR goodness that leaves you satisfied, but always craving more.

Today, Mos Eisley Radio is proud to announce that both Alan Shot First and Sunny’s Diner will be joining forces with MER founder Zach Brown and co-producers Evan Lewis and Leo Andrie to create the MER Media Network and make this every SWTOR fan’s favorite stop for news, entertainment, and camaraderie. If there had been any worries that the game we have all been waiting for might keep productions like Alan Shot First, Sunny’s Diner, and Mos Eisley Radio from appearing as frequently as they do, rest assured, you haven’t seen anything yet. Stay tuned to for the latest news and updates on all of your favorite shows. There is more new and unique content yet to be revealed!

Thank you again to all the fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic and of the podcasts that you make possible.