Sunny’s Diner: Prequel 24 – Bioware on Casual

We have a very special episode coming up sometime in the next couple weeks. Bioware’s own Senior Community Coordinator David Bass will be joining us to discuss casual gaming in SWTOR. So here’s your chance, because we’d like one of our delicious “courses” to come from you. Leave your suggestions for what question on casual gaming you want to serve up to Mr. Bass.

And congrats to our big VIP winner Nynaeve for somehow climbing to the TOP of the base on Illum. Boggling.

7 replies on “Sunny’s Diner: Prequel 24 – Bioware on Casual”

I work all day. When I get home and finally get to play. I don’t want to wait 1 or 2 hours trying to get a group. Where is the queue system that is now a standard in the industry?

Next why does it cost an extraordinary amount of credits to repair my equipment? I played my first hardmode and it cost me 100k credits in repairs!!! I know it could be much worse but for me this is worse. I want to play. I don’t have time to farm credits so I can afford to play. Why do the mobs not drop credits in hardmode?

I’m noticing the population is spread thin. There are some planets that have hardly anyone on them. This makes it very hard to get a group let alone a healer or tank.

We need cross server matching ASAP!!!

I’ll show you how to get up there next time we’re both in the base in Ilum, it’s actually fairly simple. You just have to know the right spot to jump. 😉

As a casual player it would be nice to have a common bank for my characters to share stuff such as materials or non bound items. Will they have account banks similar to what is planned for guild banks? Having heard rumors about the cost for guild bank tabs it seems the casual players are sorta left out in the cold if they are not guilded. I’ve created small guilds as I did in WoW just to have the common storage, but will not have anywhere near the funds for tabs for quite a while if the rumors hold true.

Perhaps even a one tab common area for all characters to use even if it is only server by server.

I like that idea, for example LotR Online has that with no problems. it don’t over power anything it is just normal if you ask me. industry standard is for a reason. after that it is story for me.

I’d like to play daily but by the time I do my fleet tasks (crafting & GTN buying & selling) an hour has already passed.

It would be nice to have:

A. A GTN search tool that took me directly to the items I need AND showed me items I need to craft what I want to make including my current inventory quantities. This way I know quickly what I need to purchase & how much.

B. Some quick snappy quests that can be done in 30 mins or so but have real value.

C. Casual games like Pizaak or some casino games wouldn’t hurt. It was weird going into Nar Shadaa and not being able to play any games.