Sunny’s Diner Episode 22: Sunny’s Proclamation

There comes a time in a person’s life where the person feels the need to make bold and sweeping statement, however ill-advised they may be. Today is such a day. And so begins; Sunny’s Proclamation.

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6 replies on “Sunny’s Diner Episode 22: Sunny’s Proclamation”

My casual gaming dream addition. Pod Racing.

Buy (find) and modify your Pod.
Seasonal races.
Every planet has a track.

I definitely think that SWTOR’s approach to raiding is Casual gamer-able, which I love. Normal mode operations are pretty easy – on a par to a hard mode flashpoint – which makes them fine for Pick Up Groups. Before I got a guild I managed some successful PUG operations on normal, and some partially successful ones on hard mode too! I think if you’ve got a few bits of gear from HM flashpoints or PvP gear then it’s definitely worth giving a go – they can be good fun if you’ve got a random evening off.

Have you two considered creating imperial-side alts yet? If so what class will you be playing?