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MER Episode 71: So Long And Thanks For All The Sith

It’s a full house on this episode as Alan and Leo join Zach and Evan to wrangle all the past week’s SWTOR info. Another Q&A session from BioWare delivers confirmation on some highly requested additions, the crew shares game stories from the last week of play, then tackle more listener questions. Also, MER wants to give a shout-out of thanks and good luck to Drew Karpyshyn, long-standing writer for BioWare and the man largely responsible for Darth Revan, who is leaving the company to explore other opportunities.

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Discussion Topics
– Stories From The Outer Rim
– Drew Karpyshyn Departs BioWare
– BioWare Austin’s First Guild Summit
– SWTOR Lands In Asia Pacific Region
– Community Q&A
– Your MER-Q’s

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz.

5 replies on “MER Episode 71: So Long And Thanks For All The Sith”

Mass Effect was one of the best games I ever played. Even the books were good, and I didn’t even know who Drew was back then.

If only all companies produced such quality content.

Going to finish ME1 and start ME2 before ME3, so many choices to make.

My Warzone idea: 1) I would love to see a sort of survival tournament type, gladiator warzones. Either you are competeing solo or as a group of say 3 that you can que up before hand. 16 or 32 place bracet. 2) A space racer, just hop into your ship and race other players across the galaxy. 3) I would also love to see a space warzone of course.