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MER Episode 65: The Flashpoint

We may call them Flashpoints these days, but we’ll always remember our first instance. With that, MER welcomes back, after a too-long absence, Mr. Scott Johnson of Frog Pants Studios, host of The Instance: TOR Edition! Scott and the crew share some of their stories from playing SWTOR over the past several weeks, they tackle the news, and still make time for your MER-Q’s. Evan also shares details on the newest podcast from the MER studios, the Ossus Academy!

Join the rest of the MER community over at our forums and weigh-in on this week’s topics!

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Discussion Topics
– Stories From the Outer Rim Returns
– Big Changes to PvP
– SWTOR Sets Another Record
– Your MER-Q’s
– Details on The Ossus Academy

6 replies on “MER Episode 65: The Flashpoint”

Nice episode.

I haven’t had this much fun with a game since LoL’s release.

As always, the community is what makes the game. keep it up, guys.

Great episode, so glad you got Scott on the show again, you guys and Instance are the only shows I listen to religiously, the two combined, awesomeness

My favorite episode! I laughed… I cried… well, maybe I didn’t cry, but it made me feel warm and fuzzy hearing you guys talk about how you feel about the other podcasts. Thanks for being so honest, and for reminding us all that it’s about the community as a whole, and our love of games! Scott was a great guest, I hope you have him back soon!

Thanks for everything!

You mentioned that you were sad that you didn’t get companion ‘kits’ to make your companions look different.

There is a vendor that will sell you companion kits. They are ‘companion customization vendors’ I believe. They’re sneaky though, you’ll have to hunt for them.

Enjoy your new companion outfits!

Another great episode in the books. Been so busy lately with SWTOR I hadn’t checked to see if there was a new one up so was able to listen during work. I would have to say though that the BH Merc with Mako is about the easiest way to go, you’ve got Mako to heal you constantly and heavy armor with ranged. Can’t get much better. You don’t have to worry about getting jumped or letting mobs in to close.

Thanks guys! Keep it goin