AlanShotFirst :: ep34 :: flock of SWTOR

Super excited about MANY things! The Mos Eisley Radio Network, Early Access and Seagulls!? Seagulls?! Just watch.

Link to this conversation thread in the MER forums: ASF ep34

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but will never top the day i married or became a father:)
gotta keep RL at 1st place but finally after so long waiting for swtor.
pre-orderd and redeemed july 21st so should be good to go on the 13th:D

/Salute from holland

I give it a 8…..Well I would give it a 10 but I am married and a father to 3 young boys, therefore i am torn between nerding out and remaining responsible….Its a hard act to juggle so for the added stress I knock it down two points…. I compare it to my wedding night, excited to marry the woman I love, but stressed about the honeymoon my family couldn’t afford 😛

/salute from Mansfield Texas brother!!!!!!

Irishbrewed –

That is a tough balance. With my two kiddos (6yrs & 18 mo) I definitely have to make sure I help my wife get them down for the evening before I jump into SWTOR.

A tough balance, but one that is worthwhile. I love finding Texas folks in our community!