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MER Episode 60: Revan Reborn

It’s a big one, folks! Sunny and Alan join Zach, Leo, and Evan to quickly go over the last week’s news and then tackle the recently released Old Republic novel Revan by Drew Karpyshyn, author of the Darth Bane Trilogy. Included is the final recap of the original Knights of the Old Republic video game, your MERQ’s, and reader responses to the novel. Also, the winner of the give-away of the digital version of Revan is announced!

Warning! The second half of this episode contains both book and game spoilers! The first half is a standard episode and is fully enjoyable by itself. If you haven’t read the book yet, you can come back later and it’ll be like getting two for the price of one!

Whether you’ve finished the book or not, join the community discussion at the forum thread!

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Discussion Topics
– SWTOR Razer Products Officially Announced
– Guilds Finalized
– Your MERQ’s
– KOTOR Recap Finale
– Revan Roundtable

18 replies on “MER Episode 60: Revan Reborn”

Outstanding episode as usual really love your guys site. Revan was a great book, thanks for reading out my question even though perhaps Zac didnt get it lol.

Thanks again as usual will be listening, might see if i can convince you guys to have my alt in your guild 😉

I’ve seen the ending of taral v and I think your going to be be severly dissapointed with how they wrap up R’s story………

The mouse that you guys were wondering about are probably Razer Nagas. I have one and it is amazing. It has 12 buttons on the side and 2 additional ones next to the left click button. I saw them used at conventions from videos but I think they used them at the Fan site since Razer is making mouses/headphones for them.

About the Emperor, Palpatine was the apprentice to Darth Plaugeis(however you spell it). Plaugeis knew how to live forever but it is unknown where he learned it, I think. So, Palp killed Plaugeis like he told Anakin in Episode 3. Palp used clones to manifest himself to live forever, it is in the Dark of the Empire series, to long to explain lol. Note: in that series this is after the battle of endor, so Palp does live after falling down that shaft, I won’t spoil what happens at the end or a major twist if you guys want to read it or not.

In episode 1 it was revealed that Anakin didn’t have a father and was instead created through a manipulation of midichlorians. In episode 3 it was revealed that Darth Plagueis could create life through the manipulation of midichlorians. I always wondered if these were related.

Yeah, I’ve always assumed that Plagueis, or Palpatine using the knowledge he gained from Plagueis, was Anakin’s father. But I really hope that it’s Plagueis and not Palpatine, because it would be extremely stupid to have the Emperor be Luke’s Grandfather.

Which probably means that’s the option Lucas went with.

I own Dark Empire and filled Zach in on what happens in it before we started recording. Haven’t read DE II or Empire’s End yet. Holding out for the hardcover edition of all three in one. Didn’t really know if those other two parts were worth it though.

I think they are worth it, I think they are rare books since it is from 1992 or somewhere around that time. I only have the first 2, but read the ending on the wookiepedia. The last time I saw the price for the 3rd a year or two ago on borders paper back version for $120 dollars. At the time I did’t want to fork over the money for it but I wish I did.

Since Taral V is where Revan is housed, and a female “force ghost” tells the yoda looking character where he is, is the “force ghost” shown in the Taral V Dev Walkthrough video the Exile ?

Believe me, I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I bought that trade paperback for Evan for his birthday earlier this year.

Great podcast. Loved the Revan discussion. A few of comments about the book. Scourge’s tale is more interesting than Revan’s, and this disappoints me. I really wanted to get a better feel for Revan as a character, and this book didn’t accomplish that for me, probably due to the short length of the book. In KOTOR, Revan is described as a master war strategist without peer. I had a hard time believing that this Revan was ever like that. Path of Destruction is still Karpyshyn’s best work so far. I think in some ways origin books are usually more interesting because of all of the time spent on character development and coming into your powers (think of the first Spider Man movie for example). I had my fingers crossed that Revan would equal or come close to Path of Destruction because Revan is such a major lore character. Revan doesn’t come off as finely crafted, like it was rushed. To be fair to Karpyshyn, he did have some limitations with this project in having to create a tale within the framework of the lore of the two KOTOR games. I think more could have been done with the Exile; for me, she was never fleshed out as a character enough. Same with Bastilla. It will be interesting to see how the ending of the book plays out in the SWTOR game. I’ll definitely have to play a Jedi Knight at some point after hearing the revelation discussed in this podcast!


Lord Scourge is a Companion for the Jedi Knight in TOR! I wanna get this book now to learn more about him so badly!

Sechel fits agent to me in a few ways, the same ways that Ula Vii was an agent in Fatal Alliance. Ula was a very agent style character in how he operated and preformed in a non-violent setting. He reported to his watchers, had his skillset, etc. He wasn’t what he referred to as a “cipher agent” which is what the game character is modeled after, an agent that can handle himself in a fight and is put into potentially messy situations. There aren’t really any “cipher agent” style characters in the books/comics yet for empire side, the closest thing we have is the republic character Theron Shan who works under the Republic SIS in Lost Suns.

Hey guys. Just got around to listening this podcast. Good time, as usual. Major spoilers too, lol. Heard you talk about my comment on the Revan novel and just wanted to say how cool that was. Keep the great work up.
PS If you ever want to play a round of league of legends, my summoner name is QuickBunnie too. I play a mean cottontail Teemo.

Revan was never truely sith.
overall hes not light nor dark but his intention were good. I hated this book as I kotor lover and revan fanboy it made me feel really stupid, ps keeping revans mask was werid ………. anyway im hoping they decide to make this book non canon, but dont believe me about revan watch this