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MER Episode 47: Crayon Eater

MER Episode 47: Crayon Eaters

After taking a brief week off of podcast we are back this week to discuss the latest buzz with SWTOR. In this episode Steiny makes his return to the show as well as another good friend Josh. We discuss a lot of things revolving around Operations and Flashpoints. We also talk about how excited we are to be attending PAX Prime in the coming weeks.

So sit back and enjoy another episode of MER. As always you can head over to our forums to discuss the latest episode in more detail.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Jedi Consular Video
– Operation Details
– MMO Loser

9 replies on “MER Episode 47: Crayon Eater”

Great episode guys, I just barely discovered you guys a few days ago and listened to a few of your guys podcasts. tons of great info, very entertaining too.

Hey, where was the interesting intro audio at the start grrrr…

Ohh and Happy Birthday : )

Great episode, BTW I’m one of those people against the whole DKP system not only because its based on attendance, but because it requires too much trust. Trust on a nameless faceless person who has nothing to lose by being a Jack@$#.

The majority of guilds have a clique, a group of people who are popular within the guild. They get the majority of all gear. They use up the rest of their members to gear out, whether we put in time towards raiding or not.

I think those hardcore raider types against the new looting system, are only against it because they lose control over other players. They want to dictate who gets what and have that power over others. It’s a corrupt system which should have no place in a game.

Plus items can be just as rare even with the new system. This could be the death to all ninja looting, how could that be a bad thing?

Great cast!

I’ve played on an off Wow and various other mmos with the same core group of friends for quite some time now, so for me to say that a system like loot bags, even one where next to nothing actually dropped from the boss, would still be awesome.

Then you have people saying this hurts progression, and I have to disagree.

How do you gear your raid for progress? Well first you try and gear up your tanks and good healers, but they are mostly on their own loot tables, so loot bags does this on it’s own. Then you gear up your more frequent raiders, but that also happens, because the guy who comes more often will have had more chances at loot and if that wasn’t enough it seems they want to put a “tap out” option where you get enough commendations and just buy the item.

Sure a new guy who comes in “could” be very lucky and get what you wanted on his first try, but on average your raiders who raid more will have more gear and more experience and hence be more valuable to your guild. This being completely independent of your group make up or what loot has already dropped in the past.

On top of one major factor that is to drastically reduce loot “drama”.

How fast you gear is just a numbers thing, so I’m not too worried about that.

I think this is great point cause I like the loot system that they are looking toward. Cause it caters to all not just casual and not just the hardcore. Loot bags for that casual and hardcore and the rare drops for both.

Didn’t really like the tone of the podcast, especially when it came to ‘noobs’, ‘carebears’, and ‘crayon eaters.’ The attitudes displayed really saddened me. Last time I’ll listen, I guess.

I’m sorry to hear that. Idk if you’ve visited the forums but I would say this episode was one of those episodes that either you loved it or hated it. Jinglejangle/Josh & I aren’t on the cast regularly and I hope you listen to this podcast based upon other episodes if you choose not to so be it I would just hate for mine & Jingles impression to leave a mark on MER’s long standing reputation in this community.

Loot containers will not shorten the amount of raiding or progression. Bioware is smart. All they have to do is adjust the loot tables. If an item has a 2% drop, or if it takes 20 tokens to buy the item, then it will still take time to gear up. What loot containers does is take out the drama from raiding in guilds. I was a priest for three years and I can tell you how pissed I was when a person came once to fill a spot and then got a great item when I raided for two months on that boss.