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Open Bounty 008: Bounty Hunter

Open Bounty 008: Bounty Hunter from Zach Brown on Vimeo.

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Evan Lewis joins Zach this week for his first venture into Open Bounty. In this episode we take a look at Bounty Hunters and try to figure out what makes them so popularl. We also break down the play styles and class story of the Bounty Hunter as well.

Open Bounty Is a documentary style video podcast about the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic by Bioware. Each episode contains various 8 bit artists as background music. If you have any 8 bit recommendations please email them to us at moseisleyradio [at] gmail [dot] com.

Music in this episode
Mr. Spastic
Animal Style

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11 replies on “Open Bounty 008: Bounty Hunter”

Zach–didn’t you have a beard? Where did it go? Also, I haven’t watched it all yet, but I see that you, like the rest of us, are waiting to hear the train!! 🙂

Good video guys! Boooo boston red sox! haha. You guys are getting me even more excited for the game. LoL forgiving bounty hunter, that would be a site to see.

Awesome much better, then the last 1. Music could be turned down a little more, but not bad like the last 1 “Thumbs Up”

Filming on train tracks… health and safety say NO!!!! lol and who was that clean shaven, baby faced individual ? bring back the beard!!! hehe

nice show guys 🙂 you know the Bounty Hunter is going to rock!

Hey guys, I’m glad to see this section continue with great dissection/speculation/discussion!

One small thing, I’d like to see you guys smile and laugh a little more often. Obviously it needs to be appropriate and natural, it’s just that was what struck me about the first few OB’s (with Brooks) that they were very much like watching a typical geeky convo, with all the usual fun and laughter involved. It would be a shame to see that feeling left behind as you guys forge forwards.

Loved the info & discussion, look forward to the next one. (and don’t worry too much about my comment, just keep it natural. ;))

I hate the sun. Definitely some wincing and sweating going on in this ep. If I can convince Zach to record in a pub, there will definitely be natural smiling and laughing, trust me.

Digg you’r show! great work mate’s evan like your voice! really nice! Thumbs up

Thanks guys, nicely done.

BTW. PLEASE reconsider the use of this kind of music it was the most awfull thing any podcast did to me in ages… :-((