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MER Episode 42: Sith Lawyer

MER Episode 42: Sith Lawyer

It is time for another episode of MER and this week we are joined by Dover from Darth Hater. We recap his adventures at E3 and take a few minutes to speculate (oh ok…. at least a half hour) on what is to come.

In addition, we answer your email questions and debate on whether or not players’ actions are acceptable in our beloved segment, MMO Loser.

As always, join in on the discussion in this episode on our forums. Also, we have announced our upcoming MER game night, which will be June 25, 2011 8pm EST.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– E3 Class Specifics with Dover
– Your Questions
– MMO Loser

14 replies on “MER Episode 42: Sith Lawyer”

Dovers right, RP servers more than likely have “helpers” ppl who are just willing to help noobs, other than ingore them and call them noobs lol

The question is “What is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything”? The answer being 42 🙂

Great show guys.

Question: Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Answer: egg

Explanation: The Red Junglefowl the chickens direct ancestor laid an “egg” that was a genetic mutation known as the Domestic chicken.

Great episode guys.

Regarding the release date, I am sold on September (last Tuesday in September to be more specific). I cannot imagine them passing up PAX and not giving a release date and I could see GamesCon being the “start” of hearing the train rolling with a countdown or something on the website.

When you guys use a name from Babylon 5 you’re paying homage, when someone does it for a FF character they’re unoriginal? C’mon

Something else to remember. The Xbox Kinect Star Wars game was talked about at E3, and I believe they said there was going to be a 2011 release for it.

I think late October early November is a most likely release date. Holidays will be then and sales will go up for Xmas.

I’m gonna buy tons of gold now and still ask everyone for money, go to the rp server and call everyone by their real names, spam everyone for guild and group invites, power level and just be like I am sephiroth fear me.


Great Show Zach & Evan ! Like usually of course and Dover was a cool guest. If I can make suggestion on Guest I would like to see on Future Mos Eisely Podcast: 1) More of Dover
2) Daniel Erikson
3) Mosco who use to be on TorCast would be interesting guest.

I know a new name for “MMO loser” call it “Nerd Rage” HAHA! because everything you guys talk about during this segment are things that drive this nerd crazy <<<<<<

Hey guys, loved being on the cast and I wanted to say thanks to all the commenters. This is a freak’n great podcast and a lot of fun.

Also, Kodi is on the ball. Stirling Archer IS a perfect Agent name (of course, I might go with Duchess too)

What? Go Beck!

In the time of chimpanzee’s I was a monkey.

I totally agree with you that naming conventions in mmos are really annoying. Fun show.

Great podcast guys.

Just IMO, i cant see TOR coming out on the 25th of October since that is the same release date as Battlefield 3.

Hey guys :P. I was called Cloud on Guildwars but didn’t even know FFVII existed xD Does that make me lame ><?