Podcasting In Basic

Podcasting In Basic 2: Pro Tools

Podcasting In Basic 2 from Zach Brown on Vimeo.

Welcome to our second installment of Podcasting In Basic. In this episode, Zach gives us a quick rundown on how to get started with ProTools and what kind of equipment you need to turn your podcasting dreams into reality. Hopefully, this quick tutorial will give enough instruction and inspiration to go check out ProTools for yourself.

5 replies on “Podcasting In Basic 2: Pro Tools”

Nicely presented. Showing thorough dedication to putting out a quality product is what keeps me listening to certain podcasts and watching different Youtube channels. Not just so far as production quality, but content quality as well. Well done, Zack.


Very nice video. Can’t wait for more vids. Maybe talk about publishing the podcast, getting it on Itunes and the RSS thingy. I must say I have the same desktop back ground and love the 49ers mug.

Great show! Ive been waiting for this series to continue. Also get the ironman poster on the wall mang! I love all the comic book swag you got around the room. also those are cute kittens.

I am using a Saitek Eclipse keyboard. Its not a bad keyboard but I wish it had media control keys so I don’t have to alt tab when I play games and want to change music.